So Cold

Well it has been pretty cold this bank holiday Sunday, we had a quick stride around the beach and I took the footbridge there and back. 62 steps each side so up 124 and down 124. I managed to walk quite easily from the bottom to top of sea defence wall, a way to go before I can run up those huge steps. I must take photos.

The kids and I sat and watched the Nelson Mandela film Long Walk to Freedom, I’ve been waiting for it to be available on TV I didn’t make it to see it at the cinema. I enjoyed the book and the film didn’t disappoint although obviously film versions are challenged to include everything which books contain.

We’re looking to see where we can book a short holiday for some sunshine and relaxation so that means exercise has stepped up. I’m never going to have a beach body in time for a holiday this side of 2015 but I can make an impact so that I feel better on the flight and just better about myself. Myself and my son are going to do some training later on today. He’s developing a routine and so far I know it involves stairs, dumbells, a cattle bell weight and boxing. Can’t wait.

Finally finished the essay and had a lovely family day, feeling better, relaxed and refreshed. Just what I needed. 


6 thoughts on “So Cold”

        1. I love him, he was good in both. There were rumours of him being the first black James Bond when Daniel Craig’s contract ends, I really hope so I think he’d be perfect for the role. I must admit I had to rewind the scenes in the Mandela film where he was working out in his cell, if he was my training partner I’d probably get more sweaty than I do now haha.


          1. And I also think “Luther” is the best British crime drama yet – with the possible exception of “Inspector George Gently”. Do you see much British TV ?


            1. Yes Luther is fabulous, like a movie with every episode. I don’t get to watch much TV and to be honest we don’t seem to make that many decent dramas anymore, it’s all soaps and imports (some fab ones), quiz shows and reality TV.


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