Everything stops for tea…

Tea varieties
Tea varieties

I nearly forgot to post this one, I wrote it a few days ago. Read on if you like tea and want to use it to improve your health, fend off nasties and maybe even aid  your weightloss.

I quite like a brew and lately I’ve thought more about the tea I drink. I don’t drink coffee much at all, I might have 5 cappuccinos a year if that. I love the smell of coffee so I bought a coffee machine to make my own cappuccinos and I whizz an espresso through every now and then to fragrance the kitchen.

I use my machine more to froth my hot choc drinks than anything.

I drink tea, a couple of cups a day maybe, some days none at all. I was brought up on good old PG Tips and have tried everything you can think of in the way of black teas.

images (2)
Flowering teas look great in glass pots and cups

When my brother was dying from cancer he had researched the benefits of various foods and he told me about Green Tea (click for health effects)and so I switched to that and now and then I’d have Green Earl Grey. Then I won some flowering teas which were super pretty and tasted divine but they were ridiculously expensive too so they are for a treat.

I didn’t like the early fruit teas as they  became popular, I tried a few and they just were not nice. I think there have been some improvements over the years as the flavours are more subtly blended in my opinion and lots of companies do good ranges, Twinnings and Clipper are among my favourites.

When I started to brew Kombucha (click here for info) I learned more about tea and about the benefits of loose leaf over tea bags and now I’ve reverted to tea pot, leaves and

Kombucha brewing with white and green tea
Kombucha brewing with white and green tea

a strainer in the true Brit afternoon tea stylie. I did some research into black, green and white teas, flavoured teas and fragranced teas and looked into some of the health benefits of tea. I’d never thought about it before, I didn’t even know why Green tea was recommended to ward off cancer and to aid cancer sufferers in some way until I started my Kombucha research.

Now I’m pretty interested in incorporating more tea into my daily intake of good stuff. I’m brewing Kombucha with a 2:1 mix of green and white organic loose leaf teas and I’m having that three times a day so that’s probably doing me some good. I’m also trying to get at least 3 more cups of the stuff down me as hot drinks. I never drink any hot drinks really hot, I let them cool considerably, I don’t like the burning oesophagus feeling and I read somewhere that it’s not good for you anyway.

I also learned that the longer the tea is allowed to infuse the better. When I use a tea bag I leave it in until I finish drinking, a long standing habit if I’m drinking from a mug. I need to use tea bags at work, I don’t have time to faff with a tea pot and strainer there so I take in organic white tea bagsimages (3) (my favourite are these organic Clipper ones and at the moment they are only £1 for 40 at Asda so I’ve stocked up on them) and some Clipper green tea with a hint of lemon, they are quite zingy and refreshing.

You can also make your own tea bags by buying empty bags to pop your tea in, they’re relatively inexpensive, available from Amazon and many are reusable which cuts down the cost further.

Alternatively you can use any of these cute infusers for popping your dried leaves into. Some of these are so cute and fun and others far more serviceable. I have the guy lounging in the cup one and also one of the tong type ones. You can also buy cups and teapots which have inbuilt infusing pods which are quite useful.

Tea infusers
Tea infusers

There are tons of health benefits to be had from tea and different varieties give you different boosts of good stuff, antioxidants are the big one, with White Tea (click for health benefits) adjudged to give you those in bucket loads.

I never sweeten my tea (other than Kombucha of course as the SCOBY thrives off the tea and sugar) and I never add milk either so all in all it’s a pretty low cal drink packed with goodness.

Traditional tea must be served with biscuits for dunking
Traditional tea must be served with biscuits for dunking

This is all great and it serves another purpose, if I steer away from traditional black tea with milk I also shed the need for biscuits for dunking, they just don’t taste the same dunked in milkless white tea so it helps kill that craving.


14 thoughts on “Everything stops for tea…”

  1. Interesting information. I love coffee! I drink it black most of the time except for an occasional Starbucks flavored drink. You are right about the smell, it’s so delicious! When I was growing up in the US all I remember is Lipton tea bags which my mom used to make into iced tea. I never liked Lipton tea. Ever. I don’t know what kind it is. As I became adult, the herbal teas came on the market and some of those I liked. Maybe more for the smell and the thought of a warm comfy drink though. Now that all kinds of teas are available I have tried green tea due to it being considered so healthy for us. I do like green tea just fine (no sweetener or milk or anything, just plain). I try to remember to drink it often. I had not heard that white tea is healthy. How does that taste compared to green tea?


    1. I thought I’d responded to this so apologies if I did and just can’t see it. White tea is more of an organic taste in my opinion, more earthy but you can get it with flavours added or you can always make up a berry syrup to put a few drops in. I’ve taken to making a mixed berry syrup (no sugar just boiled down and blended fruit) once a week and keeping it in an air tight container in the fridge and I add it to tea, to kefir and kombucha and also I drizzle onto natural yoghurt, it just adds a feel of naughtiness, like it’s real syrup or ice cream sauce.


        1. The way I see it, tea is going to be one of my saviour treats, it’s refreshing and comforting and somehow makes me feel relaxed and as if I’ve had a treat, it has the added benefit of usually you have to sit down and stop what you’re doing to enjoy it so helps to bust stress too


  2. I’ve become a big tea drinker since beginning Optifast. Coffee tends to upset my stomach, but tea is so soothing and comforting. I love mint teas, chai, cinnamon, and green. I don’t use sugar or milk, and I usually choose decaffeinated teas, so I can drink as much as I like!


  3. Bloody learned treatise, Michelle ! 🙂 Well done you ! I only wish I were not addicted to coffee as made in my Gaggia Classic …


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