I did it!

So it’s week 4. I began my new lifestyle 4 weeks today and started weighing myself 3 weeks today.

For those who don’t know, I was too scared in the first week that if I weighed myself I would be so upset and horrified at what I saw that it would have prevented rather than encouraged me from starting off on a good footing.

But a week in I realised one of the things I had to do on this trek was face facts and be honest.

I weighed in and I lost 3lbs this week! Which makes 16lbs in total a whole stone and 2lbs of fat gone and never coming back. That’s some achievement.

I’m happy not to lose huge numbers every week, I eat a lot, portion control is something I’m not even trying to master yet, but having said that I don’t eat as much as I did and I have trained myself to stop when I’m full now which is great progress in itself.

My focus is on healthy, healing foods (in the main), a little of what I fancy, no total deprivation, detoxing, eating foods that do my body and mind good and light exercise which I’m gradually building up.

I do things like taking stairs instead of elevators, getting things myself instead of sending the kids, walking 6 flights of stairs in my lunch break at work, taking a daily walk with my son and daughter if she’s around, even if it’s only ten minutes, dancing for twenty minutes with the kids every evening and I started taking the bus to work as that gives me 20 minutes a day walking time to and from bus stops which I wouldn’t normally have. I also spend more time in my classroom walking around rather than sitting at a desk, even when I’m not doing delivery and the students are working on something I circulate for the whole time rather than snippets of time. I’ve also done more housework… cleaned out cupboards, pulled out furniture and some gardening. Eventually I’ll get to a gym but that’s not now, I’m changing my life in a sustainable way so that I never stop with the changes, this is not a quick fix.

So what does my 16lbs total loss mean?

  • I lost over a stone UK measures which is a big step
  • I lost over a tenth of my target of 140lbs loss
  • I’m almost under 150kgs – achievable goal there (keep them easy to reach)
  • Another piece of Tracey is history. Bye Bye Tracey! (Tracey is my 140lb extra person I carry around, check out my visual top right, it motivates and focuses me)



12 thoughts on “I did it!”

  1. Well done – that’s a great loss. šŸ™‚ I notice Tracey’s got a huge hole in her torso now!

    If you don’t mind my asking, how tall are you? It’s just our weights are rather scarily similar!



    1. Tracey’s going down! Haha, I don’t know if it’s healthy or not but I’ve grown to hate her and I don’t hate anyone. Bless her I don’t even know who that is in the picture or what she’s called but it’s not her I hate, it’s the concept of Tracey.

      I’m 5’8 and a tiny bit, used to be 5’9 but when I had my first child I shrank half an inch and grew a show size, I called it slippage šŸ™‚


      1. Hehe, poor old Trace!

        I’m 5’7″ and even without having children I’ve shrunk a bit too. But I’ll be very pleased once I start to see a ’14’ in front of my weight. It’s so close I can taste it!


        1. Haha do you weigh in kgs in Aus?

          This is why I put my weight in stones (UK), pounds (USA) and kgs (anyone else) because I have such trouble converting as we use stones and lbs here and 14 is an odd number to multiply and divide by on the spot, my mental arithmetic isn’t what it was.

          I thought I’d got to the ’14’ point today but just missed so like you it’s close.

          I find kgs feel really slow to come down, I know that’s silly as they all come down the same but i like the 10lb intervals with weighing in pounds, you get a big number change so much more quickly.


          1. Well, it’s funny you should ask – we do weigh in kilos but I count food in calories. Go figure! I’ve always had a dilemma with metric measurements. I was born in ’66, the year Australia’s currency changed from pounds, shillings and pence to dollars and cents. When I started school we were taught Imperial measurements but then a couple of years later they switched to teaching us kilos, metres, etc. I seem to have retained some info from both systems. But you’re right – pounds are better for weighing because you “seem” to have lost more!


            1. I was around the same time, we changed from the old English money system to the decimal one when I was little and then we tried to change to metric measurements but it didn’t really work, we used inches and feet and yards but also did a bit of switching to metric, I think it became more of a pressure with the EU membership but even my kids still know what inches and feet are so it’s not fully embedded even now.


    1. Definitely M-R. I would love to lose 7lbs a week and have a new body but I’m having a blast doing it this way. I’m actually for the first time in my life enjoying being on a healthy eating plan.


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