I Freakin’ ran, I ACTUALLY RAN!!!!

This is major achievement territory right here. It was only for a few seconds and it was only about 100 metres but I actually ran and for a few seconds I felt free of this horrid body I’ve grown. You know the Forest Gump moment when his leg irons fall off? In my head that was me with my fat body falling off. It was AWESOME!

I’m a big bulking fat lass and I actually felt so happy today down on the beach with the kids, there was nobody around up near the dunes where we were (we walked about 4 miles on sand and the same more or less on pavement) we’d bought a cheap stunt kite as it was quite windy and we decided up near the dunes was the best place to fly it. The kids tried to get it flying but they kept on letting go before the wind had grabbed the kite, you know when you feel it tug on your arm and offer some resistance? So I demonstrated.

My son pelted down the beach and I had no choice but to run behind him. I heard my daughter whooping and clapping and I didn’t want to let her down by stopping and the boy looked around and his cute dimpled gorgeous face* lit up with a massive smile “Way to go mummy!” he shrieked back to me and I ran some more.

*he’s 14 and wouldn’t appreciate this description but I can’t help it he is just too cute

For them… this if for them as much as me, they deserve what I’m doing even more than I do. I don’t want to leave them, I’m nowhere near ready yet. I’ve been so selfish and they’ve been so forgiving.



9 thoughts on “I Freakin’ ran, I ACTUALLY RAN!!!!”

  1. This is so awesome!! I have rheumatoid arthritis and haven’t been able to really run for years. However, I can get into a pretty fast walking mode, and if I need to pass someone on he track, I can break into a convincing run for a few minutes. I’d love to be able to run laps, but I think that would take days of recovery afterwards! 🙂


  2. Congratulations on running! That is a huge accomplishment. I remember when I started running I had a similar feeling of freedom. I love that your kids are your motivation.


    1. It was only a little bit but even when I’m not fat I don’t run, I’m no good at it. I was just so shocked that I could even do it at all, sometimes we underestimate how forgiving our bodies are.


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