Nutrition and Yul Brynner

I have a problem understanding something… I get nutrition and the way certain foods have stuff in them which our body needs and where in the body those things are processed and what they do and which enzymes and acids come into play and which vitamins and minerals do what etc etc etc (to quote the King of Siam… oh what a lovely old movie)

Anyway, I don’t get how the body sorts it all, when you shovel in say a bowl of granola, oats and nuts, a bit of fruit, some flax seed, milk, follow it with a smoothie, 4 different fruits and then a good helping of water. That is some sorting your body has to do, all that stuff all having been chomped on and ground by your teeth then formed into saliva soaked balls, squeezed down the old gullet by peristalsis to plop into the stomach etc etc etc (there he is again!)  

Yul Brynner as the King of Siam in The King and I

I expressed my confusion over how the body makes a sense of all that mush to my kids at breakfast today and my daughter said this and suddenly it all just made sense:

“The figurative way I imagine it is our digestive tract is full of little holes and hooks and as our food goes along its way various nutrients naturally fall through same shaped holes, so round nutrients fall through round holes, square through square holes, triangle through triangle holes and so on and then other nutrients are grabbed up by the hooks which recognise them. Of course it’s nothing like that but that’s how I make sense of it, it’s too complex for me to explain to you so just make do with that visual and you’ll be fine mummy.”

OK I get it, that makes sense to me and I forgave the role reversal and dismissal of any hope of further questioning… where did she learn that style of satisfying curiosity from? Oh I wonder…


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