Own a cow anybody?

I have a friend in Canberra and she is part of this scheme whereby you buy/lease part of a cow with other members of a cow owning community. You pay so much to the farmer for the upkeep of the cow, its feeding, milking and care and in return you get to take your kids to the farm or just yourself if you wish, you can meet the cows, help take care of them if you wish, milk them and so on.

You also get fresh cow milk, totally unadulterated, fresh from the cow milk delivered to a central depot where you can collect your quota each day/week/whatever or for a small additional fee get it delivered to your home.

I think this is an awesome idea! My friend also swears by the milk, saying how amazing it tastes, how much more good it is for you and how much more nutritious and less likely to cause allergies and all that kind of stuff.

I wish I could buy shares in a cow and have proper milk, I imagine what we get in these plastic bottles is really a poor diluted version of the real thing.

Evidently the money helps to keep the cows in organic, sustainable conditions too, having a nice life out roaming free, not being messed with unnecessarily. No doubt it helps the farmer make ends meet too and I’m all for that communal, sharing for the good of all kind of approach.

I daren’t tell the kids I want shares in a cow, they’re just about coping with my jars and bottles of fungus, yeast and bacteria and my sprouting trays of all kinds of bean. I think they reckon I’m going slightly mad, perhaps they are right 😀

For any Canberrans out there who fancy their share in a cow its called Jacqua Herdshare and if you just stick that into Facebook you’ll find their page and from there you can find out more.

I’m going to search for any similar schemes in the UK, maybe there’s even one near me.


8 thoughts on “Own a cow anybody?”

    1. I’ve found one in the UK, you don’t own a bit of the cow but you buy the milk 2 litres is £5 up to 12 litres for £25 they deliver it parcel post and it keeps fresh in fridge for a week and freezes for six months. They don’t deliver during calving season though for obvious reasons.

      I’ve seen a couple in the US but in some states it is illegal to sell raw milk but it isn’t illegal to drink it if you own the cow so cow share gets around that issue.


    2. Also if you use Kefir, it reduces the lactose in milk, the Kefir culture eats the lactose and so it is recommended for lactose intolerant. Read up about it, it’s so easy to do and you can make yoghurt and cheese from the milk once it’s been fermented too.


    3. This is such a cool idea! I was trying to work out if you meant Canberra in Australia but you must – I don’t think there is another place in the world with the same name! If there was such a thing in Brisbane I would be on board with it. I don’t know what it’s like in the UK, but over here the two largest supermarket chains (Coles and Woolworths) decided, a couple of years ago, to offer mega cheap milk to their customers. The price for this is paid by local farmers, who are getting sent to the wall because it’s just nowhere near enough to cover their costs. For that reason I choose to buy milk which comes from an area near me called Maleny Dairies Milk. There is NO comparison between how their milk tastes and how the el cheapo version tastes. It’s more expensive but it’s worth every cent to me. So I imagine this scheme would provide similar or even better quality milk. I wish you luck finding a scheme like that over there 🙂


      1. Yes I meant in Canberra, the only reason it’s on my mind at the moment is that my friends are relocating back to the USA and are looking for someone to take over their share of ‘their’ cow.

        The same thing happens over here, the big supermarkets Tesco is perhaps the main culprit, squeeze the farmers so much that even with EU subsidies they are still struggling and as you say and I suspect the quality of the milk suffers and so we all lose… except the big supermarket.

        I found a farm which mail orders whole, raw milk but is out of season at the moment as they don’t do it while the cows are calving but I’m on their mailing list to get some when they are ready to produce for human consumption again. It’s not quite sponsoring a cow but as good as.

        I read that in the US and I don’t know if it’s the same in Aus that it is illegal to sell/buy raw milk for human consumption but it is legal if you own the cow it came from and I wonder if that’s why they have these schemes to technically get around that law.

        I was reading yesterday that in the US trade in raw cow’s milk is tantamount to drug trafficking. There has to be something good in it if they want to go to those lengths to stop us getting it.


    1. Governments seem to be as much against it as health experts are for it, I think it is a lot to do with supermarkets having governments in their pockets and milk being a staple and nobody wanting farmers to actually profit from the sale of milk, however it could also be argued to be in an effort to keep it affordable.


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