Seeds and stuff

OK so, I’m fermenting and culturing like crazy and now I’m thinking seeds. Remember I have a morbid fear of dying young and so I’m doing this for health not just for weight reasons.

I do have seeds in my diet and I do have sprouting seeds but it’s getting chaotic in my kitchen so I’m thinking bean sprouts, do they count as sprouting seeds? If so they’ll do, I’ll just start throwing them in all of my salads and stir fries at the last minute.

I’ve been reading up about seeds and I’ve decided instead of driving myself insane I’m going to just use flax seeds, they seem to get the thumbs up from most places as being the best ones for so many reasons. I like the idea that they make you feel full, they help keep the digestive system functioning well (by the end of this I shall have the best functioning digestive system on earth for sure!), they also do lots of other things, prevent thining or thickening of the arteries (can’t remember which but neither is good so I’m in), are a powerful antioxidant so blast away those nasty free radicals and all manner of other stuff including reducing the waist line (how they do that I have no idea but crikey, if there’s a chance I might get a waist one day I’m hanging on to it). I bought these ones to try for starters.


I also discovered that they do not suffer nutritionally if they are cooked so even if you use them in bread or biscuits or whatever they are just as wholesome when they’re baked as when they are not.

I’m just going to throw some on granola in the mornings, I’m getting sick of porridge now and I’ll tip a load in smoothies and whatever else they suit. I don’t want to have too many, I think the recommended daily intake is about a tablespoon full and they are very fatty but good fatty but even so fatty.

I got a home made recipe for granola which is free from everything (hopefully not taste) and is mega cheap to make and I can also make my own granola bars I figured and take them to work in case I don’t have time for breakfast.

I’m saving money on this healthy eating thing I can tell you. I’m making Kefir cheese and Kefir yoghurt next week. I figure I don’t make best use of my kefir as I just drink a glass full each day and throw the rest away if I can’t get the kids to have some, so I’m getting busy with it.

Kefir culture, just add milk
Kefir culture, just add milk

Look how fabulously well it’s doing, can you believe I only had like a tiny drop of rice pudding to start with and now I have this clump of bacteria to ferment my milk. It’s awesome!

My Kombucha is doing something strange today, I’m not too convinced of what’s going on. My mother SCOBY seems to be making lots of yeast or at least I think that’s what it is, it looks ghastly but on close inspection it is very yeasty. I’m taking it that this is a sign it’s happy and healthy and really established now, it certainly looks healthy and it’s reproducing fast and furiously which is supposed to be a sign of good health. These yeasty deposits are on either side and that’s consistent with what the experts say so fingers crossed it’s not a disease.

The other thing I noticed as well as the yeast looking ghastly (tell me if you know this is not normal) in the photo on the left is on top of the bottled stuff there is this stuff you can see in the photo on the right here.

Kombucha yeast on the left, new SCOBY on the right?
Kombucha yeast on the left, new SCOBY on the right?

I’m thinking that’s either some bacteria or it’s new SCOBYs forming. It looks like pictures I’ve seen of new SCOBYs they start as whitish, pale dot and then merge together into a jellified SCOBY. Evidently if this happens your brew is really fabulously rich and ¬†thriving. It might have happened before but I wouldn’t have noticed as the fruits I put in generally float to the top and I can’t see anything or maybe the fruits don’t let it happen, acidity or something I don’t know. But anyway, it looks like pictures I’ve seen so either it turns into new SCOBYs or it goes furry and black and I know it’s mould and I throw it out.

Oh by the way I got a picture of the top of my SCOBY and you can see the last couple of bits of tea on it, those little black specks, it was covered in them so if this happens to yours you know it’s just bits of tea and be sure to strain with muslin if you want to be rid of them. Next bottling these last couple of bits will come off.

Kombucha SCOBY all healthy and reproducing
Kombucha SCOBY all healthy and reproducing

I feel like a scientist instead of someone on a healthy eating plan, this is all getting very technical now but I’m enjoying it, to be honest all of this faffing is stopping me from having cravings.


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