Crazy Busy

Life has been crazy busy, my eating habits have gone to pot but exercise is up as I’m running around like a headless chicken.

I’ve not been eating unhealthily in the sense of what I’m eating (I don’t think), but I’m not eating to any identifiable schedule and I am longing for tomorrow to get back on track.

The thing is, the reason I don’t know if I’ve been eating unhealthily is that when I’m not eating to a schedule or routine I probably do pick things up and pop them in out of hunger/stress and maybe don’t even think about them. This is why a food diary is important for me and why I must start keeping one no matter how busy I am.

Today at work there was lots of stress doing the rounds, exam results day for a lot of modules and of course not only is there the individual success and failure thing to deal with there are the targets and it’s not looking good for some departments. So the lovely IT guy popped to the bakery student shop and bought a HUGE (I’m talking wedding cake worthy) cream and jam filled sponge cake, its only saving grace the copious amount of fresh strawberries adorning the top, however on closer inspection even these were secured in place with melted white chocolate, chocolate on top of cream on top of cake on top of jam and cream on top of more cake… the strawberries were fighting a losing battle in terms of the health delegation on the plate.

I ate cake, it was good, it relieved stress and took away the taste of the mini bag of cheese biscuits I’d devoured without even registering that I was eating them.

But on the upside I have been managing to get my fermentings down and I’ve been drinking tons of water and a fair bit of white tea so it’s not all bad, oh and flax… I’ve been shovelling at least a tablespoon of that in every day.

I’m not beating myself up, I’m not disappointed in myself, I’ve messed up, dropped a ball, fallen off the path whatever, but I’m feeling great, I tell you I am positively running up those stairs every day now and I just feel fitter, more energetic and more bouncy and happier, definitely happier. Oh crap, forgot, last night I went to the cinema, took the kids because I’m worried I’ve been too busy to give them enough attention and on the way we stopped for home made burgers at the home made burger co…. I had salad!! OK with my burger, but I didn’t have any sauce or chips and the burger was grilled and 100% lean beef so it wasn’t really as bad as say a Big Mac would have been.

Tomorrow guys, tomorrow is another day, I’ve got a day off and that means 3 whole days with the weekend to get myself back into a routine and to make better plans to manage this business and my eating. I’m going to make some granola bars and invest in a smoothie maker for the office and cook  huge pot of healthy soup to take in for lunches and plan out evening meals better for next week.



9 thoughts on “Crazy Busy”

  1. MICHELLE ! – you know that planning is what is needed. So PLAN. ALWAYS. (I can lecture you because I’m not doing anything about my weight; but I know I can’t, on my own.)


    1. Planning is key Margaret. I was writing a post about planning the other day but I was too busy to finish it haha.

      This next three days I’m getting myself back on track and I am going to relax and finish your wonderful book. It has been calling to me and I will be sure to plan time to write a review.


  2. Planning is sometimes difficult with a busy schedule. And even when you’re not eating that badly and making good choices you don’t recognize how well you’re doing when you feel disorganized. Planning those meals is key in being and feeling successful. 🙂


    1. So true, it’s all planned out now for the next 7 days. My daughter said she would work me out a rolling 4 week plan and stick it in the kitchen so I can either follow it strictly or mix and match the weeks safe in the knowledge that I’m doing no harm.


  3. I think most of us trying to lose weight don’t do so well wie when we are so busy that we actually end up quite hungry, and it’s at those times that we tend to always reach for whatever’s handy and it’s not usually healthy if your workplace is anything like mine! If I haven’t planned out my lunch and snacks, the things that I can have that are “kosher” (so to speak) and calorie-countable are very few and far between in between the sea of chocolates, energy drinks and packets of salty chips (crisps, as you would say!). It’s a minefield! But if you had a piece of cake and you enjoyed it and it’s a one-off or a very occasional thing, I can’t see the harm. 🙂 Deb


    1. It was a one off and it was needed. I have worked out my plan again now and today I got back on track and double exercised to compensate 🙂

      Getting used to this is going to take a while but it’s all good 😀


    1. I think that cake and me were just meant for each other at that moment to be honest 🙂 Divine intervention and all that haha… well that’s my excuse anyway.

      To be fair it was a very small piece, a couple of months ago I would have had a piece as big as everyone else’s.


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