My Son Is Amazing

My son couldn’t understand why sometimes I can’t do things that I really want to do. I was telling him last night how I feel as a fat person, how I find it difficult to go out and be around people, how I feel self conscious and like people are looking at me and how I feel ugly.  He did his holding my hand thing and he had a very concerned look on his face and as he often does when words fail him he went off and came back with his keyboard, set it up in the lounge, flicked it onto piano and he played me… literally played me this and sang it to me so beautifully. I was bawling let me tell you, I thought he’d written it until he told me who the artist was at the end.

This boy is the most beautiful soul I have ever been near to… he is just (crying again) the most caring little guy ever, so sensitive and he finds ways to make music heal. Listen to/read the words. He told me (extra bawl) that he has a friend at school who is anorexic and people make fun of her because she is so thin, she has only confided in him about her diagnosis because she knows she can trust him, they think it came from her mum dying of cancer quite suddenly last year, 14 and no mama oh my heart broke when it happened but I had no idea about the eating disorder until now. My little gent told me how he supports her and protects her and tries to help her eat and covers up for her with the other kids when she just can’t do it. He told me he played this song to her at school and it helped her to see herself differently. I had no clue and I’m gushing with pride at the man he is going to be… if you have daughters I’m taking bookings for wife interviews now, he should be ready in about 10 years 😛

Gosh, I feel amazing about myself now, today I haven’t given a stuff about anyone looking at me. I know I am an amazing woman, I made this little guy who just inspires and upholds me at his tender age, who always knows what to say and do to make someone feel better, who cares deeply about everyone and he can’t have possibly come out of a bad person and what is more, he thinks I am beautiful and if he thinks I am beautiful then I most definitely must be.

Listen and reflect and enjoy 🙂




13 thoughts on “My Son Is Amazing”

      1. That’s amazing! My brother began playing at age 4 totally by ear. He was given more formal training once his talent was realized. Alas, I can only play my iPod and no real instrument of music! 🙂


        1. He’s about to start formal training as he has to have grades for what he wants to do in the future, he’s having an assessment to establish if he can skip a couple.

          I sing, that’s my instrument.


    1. He is a real treasure, he always has been a really special little soul, he wins hearts for all the right reasons and I’m proud of him for that. It’s very heart warming and reassuring in this day and age when you hear from other parents and his friends how highly regarded he is for being a kind, good friend. It’s scary bringing up teen age boys and girls in this day and age, you have to have your eye on the ball and hope what you try to embed in them from day one sticks.


    1. He does. He is so tender and genuinely cares. My daughter is far less emotional and has problems reading emotions and then with knowing what to do when she does realise someone is upset, she’s very practical in her caring and very frank with her advice and great if you just want someone to sound off to and to not speak back and just be there. She’s unflappable too which is very good in a crisis. In that situation she would have said “Well, you know that’s ridiculous that you deny yourself things because of other people but if that’s how you feel then you need to carry on working on making yourself feel better and use that bad feeling to get you where you want to be”.

      Bless their hearts


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