Healthy Lifestyle Taking Some Getting Used To

I figured after my busy crazy week that this change of lifestyle is like when you move into a new house or you buy a new couch or a new carpet or cooker.

You know what it’s like you won’t let anyone breathe near said new item or you get your new house all just so and then you take extra care to keep it just so. You clean more often, you tidy more often, your rules for useage or activity in said room are more strict… no feet on the couch, no lying on the cushions, no food in the lounge, no shoes in the room and so on.

Gradually the novelty wears off and you start to relax and it’s OK to have a sandwich in the room and a drink, it’s OK to put your feet up for a nap on the new sofa and it’s OK for the dog to jump up on it and before you know it your resolve to preserve the newness of furniture or room is waning and you are treating it like the old furniture/room.

You don’t even realise it just creeps up.

That’s what a healthy lifestyle is like for a life time yo-yoing tubby lass. You start off all determined and you find it easy and then you pop a sweet in, you skip a breakfast, you forget to weigh your cereal, you only have one glass of water a day, you go for the dessert you want rather than the one you should have, your meal plan fades on the fridge door and you call a takeaway (just once).

But no!!!! It’s not happening. I’ve checked myself, this is not going to be AGAIN, I had a tiny blip, I’m a human and I’m back to the rules again, feet off the couch, eat in the kitchen and do not dare let the wuff up on the sofa!

Recognising, Realising you’re human and Restoring your Resolve is what you do. I’ve given this captial R’s as I’m calling it my BIG R’s Recovery Route (slight pun  for the English slang experts out there).

Onward and upward as they say!



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