Favourite Item of Clothing

I love to get to know more about the bloggers I follow and who follow me so I’m going to ask a question:

What is your favourite item of clothing?

It can be something old, something new, something you wear or you keep just because, it can be an item of someone else’s that you can’t bear to let go.

Give us a back story on it, I’m interested to see how much importance we place on clothing… those who don’t know as I shrink out of my favourite go to pieces we’re turning them into a patchwork so that at the end of my weight loss journey I have a reminder of how far I went, the steps along the way and something to help me make sure I don’t go back again. I’ve got to the point where I can finally discard some items and my most favourite that I can’t bear to get rid of is:

my beige and white stripey three quarter sleeved top. This was the first time I felt I looked OK in horizontal stripes. I loved that it covered up my flabby upper arms and that it looked smart enough with a black suit for work yet doubled up for casual wear with jeans. I’m sad that it’s way too big now, it was over sized to start with so after 18lbs weightloss it’s looking decidedly loose and has to go. It has a scooped neckline and if I continue to wear it I am definitely going to flash some boob at some point to an unsuspecting witness.

I wore it as a PJ top for the past couple of weeks as it is definitely the first thing I have become too small for but I can’t do that even anymore, it has to go and I’m sad about that, much sadder than I am about the black and grey flecked skirt which I’ve lived and died in for months. I’ve had my top for 2 years so it’s sad to see it go.

Over to you… what’s your favourite item and why.. ย come on humour me and I’ll accept footwear too ๐Ÿ˜€



20 thoughts on “Favourite Item of Clothing”

  1. Oddly, I don’t have a favorite piece of clothing–I think it’s yet to come! When I was at my top weight, finding decent clothing was impossible. Plus-sized clothing here in America isn’t at all as attractive as regular sizes. Designers tend to make everything plus-sized look matronly and it’s very hard to look fashionable. After losing nearly 50 pounds and a whole bunch of inches, I’ve had to say goodbye to my entire former wardrobe and there was nothing that I wanted to hold onto. Now that I can wear traditional sizes, I have to restrain myself from spending too much on clothing! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. shopping is so much more fun when you’ve lost weight even if you’re not at target. I was shocked when I was in the States, it is portrayed over here in the UK as somewhere that it’s OK to be big and so there are tons of places to buy big clothes but when I was there I found what you describe, very matronly clothes. Thank fully over here in the UK there is a big push to provide bigger people with nice clothes and although there is an argument that you should do that as it encourages people to be fat, there are lots of people who are happy not trying to lose weight anymore and they have a right to look and feel good too.


  2. I actually have no clothes that I currently wear that I would consider anything I love. Sad. I do however have a bright yellow sweater in my closet that belonged to my dad that I can never, will never part with because just seeing it in my closet makes me smile.


  3. My favorite are my perry ellis white cotton lounge shorts. They are sooooo soft after repeated washings. They’re almost knee length with a draw string waist. However, they’re getting a bit thin, so I have to wear a long t-shirt to cover up. So, now I’m working on my 2nd favorite article of clothing, my extra long faded blue tshirt. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Shorts and trousers are something I seem to keep forever, I have some pyjama bottoms I must have had for 6 years or more, they must have grown with me or have been super stretchy when I bought them, I dread the day they wear so thin I end up not wearing them.


    1. Long black boots! I love them, I have loads of pairs, I like to wear them with skirts for work as I hate wearing tights/stockings and I’m not so keen on trousers. Me too, I wore some today but soon i won’t be able to do it as the weather improves.


  4. I don’t really have a favorite item. When I was thin, I had some dresses I loved, but I don’t even wear dresses anymore. I do love pajamas, especially nightgowns. When I’m at a clothing store I have to rush past the pajama department with blinders on, or I will buy more. As I lose weight, I’m not hanging onto any of my clothes. When they become too big, out they go!


    1. I think it’s great to get rid of them as we shrink out of them, I’m with you, I don’t want to hold on to them anymore as it’s almost inviting the fat back on.

      I love pyjamas, I love to be comfy.


  5. I loathe all clothes. I detest them. None of them fits me properly, and I can’t afford to keep buying clothes to cater for my weight moving all over the place. Right now everything I own is tight. Don’t speak to me of clothes.


    1. I wish sometimes I could just spend all day in a kaftan, I had a fantastic man’s West African ‘dress’ it was a long to the ground V neck fab rich cotton, with long sleeves and gorgeous embroidery around the neck I used to wear it all of the time… I don’t even know where that ever went.


    1. I buy lots of slippers but last summer I bought some crocs flip flops, they weren’t the clog type crocs, a little more stylish and they are the ultimate in foot massage so now I wear those everywhere around the house. If I’m not feeling well though a nice fluffy pair of slippers does help me feel comforted.


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