What  weekend! I had planned some rest and that’s not what I got. I have worked so hard to prepare for a conference next weekend so that I can have some time during the week to try to get into a routine again.

I’m exhausted 😦 Hate it when the weekend’s finished and you didn’t even notice it happen.

I really can not wait for half term, two more weeks and I get a week off and I really do need it to recharge.

But on the upside if I hadn’t been on this new healthy eating lifestyle plan I would have gone under this week, if ever there was a stress attack to be brought on this week was it and I’m just thankful that I have bolstered myself with good stuff to overcome the challenges.

Weigh day tomorrow, I’m not holding out hope for big number but a stay the same or a tiny loss will make my day.

2 hours before I have to be awake for work so I had better grab some sleep, can’t seem to turn my brain off and really wanted to blog, can’t let this be a habit that slips, I need it too much to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Have a good week and hope everyone in the US and Aus had a fab mother’s day, whether you mother humans or cats or dogs or even some plants you are doing a great job, nurturing anything is not the easiest of tasks we face as human beings. It takes patience, devotion, effort, thought and planning and we all deserve a big pat on the back at least once a year for our efforts.


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