See it as medicine

I’ve been trying to encourage my kids to indulge more in the healthy eating. Because they’re not fat they don’t see why they need to and to be fair they do have a good diet in the main. I just really want them to regularly include a couple of things in their diet. I’d love for them to drink just a shot of Kefir and a half cup of Kombucha a day, I know the huge benefits it gives me, particularly the energy boosts and the gut health benefits.

I’d also like them to include a tablespoon of seeds in their daily food intake either through health bars or just putting some on their cereal or into a smoothie. I use milled flax and it’s tasty and so good for you and it adds a very slight crunch to breakfasts.

Fighting their resistance I urged them “You’re not supposed to like it, see it as medicine, it’s doing your body good, just eat the darned stuff.”Β 

I need to listen to my own advice, food has always been something that’s for fun, pleasure, leisure and I really need to have a slight change of mindset to it being medicine, to see it having a purpose to fulfill in my body. I might be fighting a losing battle with the kids I might have caused them to develop a bad attitude to food already through my own lousy example. But I’m not going to give up trying.



11 thoughts on “See it as medicine”

  1. I know how you feel! I try to eat right and try to get my family to eat right, but they don’t listen to me very often. It’s very frustrating when you’re working on your degree in Nutrition/natural health and your own family ignores you. Ugh…… I don’t give up though! πŸ˜€


    1. That’s it keep plugging on and they might listen. I pleaded with them to make these additions now, make it habit and they will reap long term benefits. Trouble is when they are young they don’t see themselves as mortal 😦


        1. That’s all we can do. I managed to get them to have seeds eventually by pulling on their heart strings… with force. “It would destroy me to see either of you with a serious illness, to watch you suffer, to risk losing you and if I hadn’t done all I could to build your resistance to illness I would feel responsible it would make my pain harder to bear, so please… do this for me”.

          Gosh emotional blackmail or what but it’s so true.


  2. It is so hard to convince our loved ones to eat healthier. Mine think I’m looney. Even my friends roll their eyes when I tell them I’m serving something organic to them. People my age are so uneducated and don’t realize how much our foods have changed over the years (more processing, more pesticides, GMO, etc). As for the younger ones, I wish I knew what I know now when I was young. Keep educating them and leading by example, maybe something will sink in!


    1. That’s what I say to them, that I wish I’d been told a few things I’m trying to teach them. I guess as I’m re-educating myself I have to re-educate them and they don’t see keeping healthy into old age as a priority.


  3. Your struggle is one of the most important ones you can undertake. My blog today discusses processed food artificial ingredients. Adding kombucha or kefir is a fine thing, but eliminating processed foods is just as important. Read up on the topic and keep up the good work


    1. This is what I really want to try to do and to be fair they don’t eat much ‘rubbish’ I told them if they want an occasional treat (which is actually more likely to be poison) they need to make sure everything else is good to compensate.


      1. Great new bit in the New York Times by mark Bittman about food manufacturing. This topic is exploding onto the national consciousness. Lots of help in our struggle to keep our kids healthy.


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