The Sheer Bear Pressure of it All

There was an interesting item on breakfast TV this morning. Breakfast TV eh? That is a novelty on a day off. It strikes me that I get to watch breakfast TV perhaps once every two or three years and it’s always the same things they talk about… today it’s sun lotion (we’re heading into the best weekend of the year so far in the UK, sunshine and heat all the way), plus size summer fashion, weather presenters on beaches, soap opera story lines and a story on bear pressure. This last one is worth commenting on.

It’s all about the take a teddy bear home for the weekend type activities that schools do, where a selected child gets to take the school/class teddy home for the weekend/week and to compile a diary with photos of what the bear did while he/she was with the nominated guardian.

Evidently in some schools… lots of them by all accounts, the bear activity has created a nightmare. Parents are under pressure to make sure the bear has ‘the best’ time while with them as parents become increasingly competitive (based on materialism) to evidence within the diary their amazing life to others… see it as an extension of Facebook.

Parents are busy plotting bear’s activities to make them as exciting as possible and thereby show how amazing their lives are to anyone checking out the bear diary. This has resulted in things like bear being whisked off to Mauritius, shopping in New York and spending time dining in top class London eateries where he must have had to know someone to get a table at short notice. Bear is pictured in the family back yard swimming pool and out in dad’s Ferrari. It’s totally ludicrous and yet, it transpires, teachers are using the diary to get an idea of a child’s home life and if they are in need of support or if there are causes for concern!

Imagine that. You would not dare to show bear sitting on the worktop in your less than showroom immaculate kitchen covered in budget brand flour while he helps out with making some cakes or swinging by one arm from a tree on a ramble through the local woods (obviously filled with danger and not as desirable as a  sun, bleached, deserted lagoon beach or heaven forbid sellotaped onto a trike and being dragged around the drive tied with a piece of scrappy rope to a battered hand me down bike. Such scenes would positively earn you a visit from social services!

What a load of old crap. I can not believe that parents are warring and falling out, arguing, keeping children apart from one another based on what a bloody bag of stuffing with eyes on does. 

This is some crazy messed up world we live in.


5 thoughts on “The Sheer Bear Pressure of it All”

  1. They so something very similar to that here called “Flat Stanley”. They color a picture of this little guy and carry it around to neat places and take pics and write stories and such too. I like the teddy bear idea better! My nephews sent us theirs when they were in that class so we had to take it places too. People looked at us funny, but it was still fun! hahaha


    1. My son has a bear that has been on all of our holidays with us, we have photos of him chilling by pools, diving into oceans, flying over mountains, on the Times Square steps but my kids never had to do it for school


  2. How bloody APPALLING ! Something tells me you wish your kids were involved, just so that you could set up the least glitzy bear weekend on record. I know I would. [grin]


    1. Haha, yeah, “Here’s bear sitting watching me play on my xbox, here he is waiting for the pizza guy to arrive, here he is sitting on the kitchen floor watching mum clear out the veg rack, oh and here he is in the hall watching paint dry hahaha


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