It’s Life But Not As We Know It

Time to breathe… after a couple of really hectic and trying weeks life is being restored to some semblance of normality. Everything culminated today in a fabulous teaching conference which I attended and presented a paper at.

I had been really negative about attending as I had so many other demands on my time and I haven’t slept for 3 days, my son was really not well with a virus and I hated having to leave him in our house alone all day while I went out of town especially after the burglary the other night.

But regardless of all my concerns I attended and it was the single most uplifting academic event I have ever attended. I won’t go into the detail here but you know when sometimes you have opinions on things and see things a certain way and nobody else around you does and you feel a little out on a limb/odd/misunderstood/vulnerable/confused? And then you meet someone who confirms that you are not alone in how you feel and in your viewpoint and it feels good/reassuring/comforting/pleasant? Yeah? That happened today at conference.

I feel as if I’ve showered in good vibes and positivity and I feel cleansed to the soul, content, confident and happy if a little emotional. 

I’ve held back a ton of stress and fear and anger this past week or so and I let it go today and the reason I let it go is because I felt safe and positive and empowered because of the inspiration of another fellow human being, a person previously unknown, a person who was just doing their job, a person who may never know the impact they had on me and my life, the significance of their words to a fellow human being today, just a face in a crowd, one of many listening to a speech probably delivered time and again, yet deeply moved and inspired by the words and the sincerity of delivery. 

This was a masterclass in teaching. This is what all teachers should want to achieve. Inspiring someone, if only one person in a crowd.

This should be our motivation in life… to do good. Good to others and good to ourselves because when we do good to others we empower them to do good to others and on it goes…



7 thoughts on “It’s Life But Not As We Know It”

  1. I am really happy for you, Michelle ! – that must be totally wonderful, to come to a place in your life where you feel vindicated. Long may it last !!!


    1. Thank you Margaret, I feel very different today to how I felt on Friday. If I could describe how I feel in a colour, I felt a dull, browny, muddy, almost black, yesterday I felt a pale grey with a tinge of blue and today I feel positively shimmery pinky purple 😀 What a difference a day makes eh?


  2. How wonderful is that? The fact that someone mattered and made a difference in your life, and then the affirmation that we ought to strive to do the same to others. It’s really that simple. Thank you for a great reminder on what we should be striving to do each day. Have an excellent day!


    1. So true Rob. It is not rocket science is it? But sometimes we need to be reminded of the simple things because we strive to conquer the complex and it side tracks us.

      Hope you’re having a fab weekend and the weather over there has brought some hot, endless sunshine like it has for us.


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