Staying the Same

I don’t usually like staying the same, I like to change and learn, to grow and develop, to experiment and reinvent but today I’m really happy to stay the same.

It’s my weigh in and I didn’t lose any weight but I didn’t gain any. I can’t say that I’m shocked but I can’t say I expected it either, I lost all track of my eating habits and my exercise routine went slightly off kilter but then there were moments where it was stepped up a notch or two so I wasn’t sure.

I don’t feel I ate anything really bad, I think my eating was erratic and if you’ve read anything about my journey I firmly believe that is one of the things which put me here so it’s not good. I had resolved last week to plan better for this week which I did but lots of things conspired to blow the plan out of the water.

BUT, I’m human, slim people have bad weeks, slim people sometimes skip a meal, indulge in a late snack, grab something on the go, struggle to find a truly healthy option at a laid on conference buffet so I’m just being normal.

I’ve had a hell of a week and I needed it, it’s brought me to my knees emotionally but the last three days took advantage of that destruction and cleared away the debris, swept off the dust, mopped up the spillages and started to rebuild and I feel as if I went through a catharsis, I found a very happy place where my soul was stilled and I had an overwhelming sense of well being and I’m stronger now, much stronger and much happier and I’m ready to fight another day.

Tracey… you got away with that one but this week you are taking a serious hit baby!ย 


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