Food Today

I’ve decided, it’s much easier to stick to my eating plan when I account for what I’ve eaten or when I photograph my food and keep a diary.

That was my intention today but I’ve neglected to take the photos… tomorrow I’ll do better.

This morning I had granola (home made) with flax seeds and semi skimmed milk – yum. I preceeded it with a pint of filtered water with a fresh squeezed lemon and a shot glass with a teaspoon of turmeric and kefir. I followed it all with a big glass of orange flavoured Kombucha. I also have a pint of water before I get out of bed or as close to a pint as I can manage.

At 11am I had a cup of organic white tea, leaving the tea bag in to totally difuse the goodness out of that stuff.

12.30 was lunch and I began with a big glass of water washing down a tumbler sized helping of Kombucha. After that I had a rough chopped fruit salad of banana, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, dried cranberries and dried apricots and apple and I smothered that with a 0% fat natural Greek yoghurt with some second fermented kefir mixed in.

I had a couple more glasses of water during the afternoon then at 3.30 I had a cup of white tea.

For dinner at 5.30 (early as I want to get into an early bedtime routine) I had a glass of natural Kombucha followed by a glass of iced water, followed by a vegetable lasagne. I didn’t use pasta, I used unrolled leak strips and layers of aubergine instead and I also included red beans and butter beans. It was delicious.

I washed it down with a pint of water and ate a lovely juicy handful of grapes (mix of green and black).

Then I settled down with a cup of green tea and will end the day with a pint of water before bed.

It’s been a good food day, I’m feeling more vibrant already.


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