Every summer I wish I had done something more to lose weight during the winter. I hate being overweight in the summer. I hate finding things to wear that don’t expose ghastly bingo wings and I just wish I could slip into shorts and a vest top and a pair of converse and go… hair tied back, sunglasses on, not worrying about how I look, feeling cool, fresh. Those were the days.

Next summer I swear, next summer I will not be sitting here, cooling fan on full blast, pasty white skin, thinking about how hot I know I’m going to be tomorrow in class as I teach in clothes designed to give an appearance of being ‘summery’ but really being no such thing and only serving to hide my lumps and bumps.

Granted my lumps and bumps are smaller than they were a few weeks ago but even so this is going to be another fat summer. This year though I’m not going to be hiding away indoors, missing it all, I’m going to go outside and walk and lark around with the kids and enjoy the sunshine and I’m not going to pray for rain so I can cover up with a lightweight coat and comfort myself again by wearing long trousers. By the end of this summer I will be thinner and healthier and happier and well on the way to having a summer 2015 where I can look back and not say “I wish I’d lost weight” but I can look back and say “thank goodness I lost weight”.




4 thoughts on “Summer”

  1. I know what you mean! The best part of losing weight is gaining that confidence along the way. This is another fat summer for me as well, but the next one definitely won’t be.


  2. I have suffered through wayyyy too many Australian summers, some of the spent in the very hot and humid north of my home state Queensland, and I am officially over it too. It’s no fun as a fat person because it’s so enervating. I certainly plan that by next summer my body will be finding things a lot easier to cope with xx


  3. This is such a key point. Next year will arrive and we’ll be feeling the same way we do every year unless we do something about it! That’s the issue with falling off plan and not stopping the freefall. It’s what I did last year, and I regret it very much this year.


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