We all love a compliment. Today one of my students asked if I’ve ever been to Brazil, I told him I had in the very early 90’s. 

“In the early ’90’s!?” he exclaimed “You’re not that old are you?”

“I’m nearly 47” I informed him.

“What? I thought you were in your late twenties” he gasped.

“Are you trying to get distinctions the easy way?” I joked with him.

“No, I meant it, my mum is 42 and she looks  A LOT older than you” he informed me.

“If you want feeding tonight and a roof over your head for the next couple of years I suggest you don’t go home and tell her that” I advised.

I know young people are terrible judges of age BUT what a boost. I’m taking it, I’m not making any excuses for him. This one is mine and I’m owning it without a shred of modesty 😀

Furthermore the word reverberated around the room to gasps of “What? No way!” which further warmed my heart and pushed my confidence meter up a good ten notches.

I’ve had an extra spring in my step today and those six flights of stairs I walk up and down in my lunch break? They were a breeze today, I positively ran down them with the agility of a rush hour office worker on the London underground escalators.


6 thoughts on “Compliments”

      1. Well, apples are almost as good as compliments!!
        I taught third grade and once had a little boy bring me his mother’s 1 carat each, diamond earrings as a gift. His mom was overjoyed with my ability to recognize that they were real and call her! 🙂


    1. I’m still not certain he was after a distinction. He’s such a lovely lad, he said to me the other day “you’re the only person who ever says anything positive to me in my life you know” I was flabbergasted and he said “everyone else just tells me I’m no good at everything and useless but you, even if I do something that’s not very good you always tell me I’ve tried hard or you say something good first”. It reminds me that some of these kids I teach just have no positivity in their lives and their honesty and openness makes me feel proud to have created an environment where they can come out with no prompting and just say things like this, it reminds me to keep on doing it, even though it’s not contrived, it’s just the way I am. I guess growing up with so much negativity made me determined to be positive with my own kids and I’m the same with the kids I teach.


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