Here Come The Boys

I seem to find so many more women who are on this healthy living path than men so I figured I would do my bit in the community spiritedness of blogging and share some of the fabulous guy blogs which I’ve found.

Of course there is so much to learn from anyone trying to make a change and rid themselves of obesity and its shackles forever and I don’t mean to say that male bloggers are for  male bloggers but we women share some female specific issues and I’m sure the guys have male specific issues too which they can relate to.

Here are a couple of fabulous male blogs from guys who are on a quest to get or stay healthy. Check them out and please feel free to link us to more in the comments or add your own link to the comments if you’re a guy on the path to health or a girl for that matter 😀 I’ve learned so much from my network on here that has already given me huge support and inspiration and I hope others will have that to help them through too.

Rob was one of my first blog buddies and is on the keto route to rebuilding his health and fitness

Steven Waddell who has found the way to a healthy self and now shares his tips and knowledge on how it’s done and maintained

500 lb man great humour and on a big journey to find his healthy fitter self

KetoKen follow how he’s doing it keto style – a big favourite method with guys it seems. I wonder if we women worry too much about eating fat? Are we preconditioned and brainwashed to shun full fat dairy? A thought for another time.


10 thoughts on “Here Come The Boys”

    1. So true. I hope it doesn’t go the way of Facebook and the like. I think blogging attracts more genuine people because you have to put some effort in and you have to want to read other people’s ‘stuff’. I love the positivity from this community, it really helps me.


  1. I don’t like the sound of that keto method at all. I had to look it up, since I hadn’t heard of it before. You would have to do it under medical supervision, I reckon, if you can stop the doctor from freaking out.

    Too much fat isn’t good for you if you want to watch your cholesterol levels and want to avoid stressing out the gall bladder and liver, etc. The body needs fat, and we still get plenty of it on a fat-free diet from fats you can’t see. If you eat fat sparingly, the body is in better condition to convert it. That said, I can’t help myself with roast chicken skin and I’m hanging out for some pork crackling!

    From what I’ve read here so far, you are going about it sensibly by making good food choices. Diets where one goes hungry never succeed. Hang in there, you’ll ditch Tracey.


    1. Thank you. I’ve looked into the science behind keto and I know lots of people who have used keto to lose weight very successfully but its a bit too scientific for me to fathom and I’m mentally stuck on fat being bad. My daughter used it with strength training to very successfully and quickly shed some inches but it was very short term and those inches have never come back.


    1. Oh thanks for pointing that out I’ll change it. Not sure what I did wrong.

      I’m glad they are useful to you, it’s interesting to hear a male perspective, I think often men have a very different approach to tackling weight and when they go for it they seem to achieve really good results. I know that’s a terrible generalisation but It’s good to pick up some tips.


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