Lemon Water

glass-of-waterI drink a pint of water before I get out of bed in the morning because I heard that it stops your insides getting sluggish and prevents heart attacks which often happen when you first get up (then again i read somewhere else that heart attacks are most common in the early hours of the morning).

After that the next thing which passes my lips is a glass of boiled water with a whole organic lemon squeezed into it and then the two halves of the lemon thrown in for good measure.

imagesI drink the water, juice, pips and all, then start the breakfast routine.

And this is why Lemon Water

I also wash down 4-8 organic garlic cloves which I peel and chop and swallow with the lemon water just like pills. You have to do this fast it can be ghastly if it lingers on the tongue too long. I do this because I heard that raw garlic is really good for you in so many ways but has to be crushed and raw to give you the full benefits of the allicin. Read more about garlic here Garlic Goodnessgarlic

I don’t have breath problems… I think the lemon and then the breakfast kind of neurtralises it.

The rest of the breakfast routine consists of a shot glass of milk with a teaspoon of turmeric stirred in. I have made proper turmeric milk but what I make has also been recommended and lauded as a cancer preventative. Read about turmeric milk and how to make it  properly here Turmeric MilkTurmeric-Root-and-Powder-1024x666

Then I move on to the kefir and then the Kambucha and then finally comes food… granola with dried fruits and flax seeds and either a drop of icy cold milk or a blob of natural yoghurt or fromage frais with some second feremented kefir mixed in. Read about Kefir benefits here, and Kambucha and Flax SeedSlide1

I kind of set it all up like I see people do who are taking tons of pills/supplements in the morning and I have the satisfaction of knowing my regime is good natural stuff and I (in the main) know what is in it.

I filter my water, just carbon filter and I know that’s not the best water but it’s the best I can easily lay my hands on. I read a fantastic post about water the other day and I can’t find it anywhere so if you wrote it please link to it in the comments.

I don’t see breakfast as an enjoyable thing, until I get to the cup of white tea (Read images (3)about White Tea and Health here), then it starts to feel less of a chore and more relaxing.

Breakfast is hard for me to do and I am getting better at it and it does make a difference to me. This way it definitely feels like I’m feeding my body rather than I’m stuffing my face and there is a huge unsubtle difference.

Routine, make it a ritualistic routine and you will find that you get faster at it and you start to miss it if you can’t do it every day and you will definitely feel the benefits of each or all of these perfectly natural healers within days of starting to consume them.

What I’m trying to show in this post is that everything I eat has a reason now, a reason other than me liking it, or craving it. It has a purpose and it’s hard keeping tabs on all of those purposes or health benefits (real or otherwise) but you don’t have to. Just know that these things will do no harm, use them in moderation and/or as part of your routine, introduce them into your diet along with a whole host of other good stuff and make what you eat have a purpose.

Before you put something in your mouth think “What good is this doing me?” and if you can’t think of anything don’t put it in your mouth. Or think negatively if you wish and ask “What harm might this food do me?” and don’t put it in your mouth if you can think of anything.

Let’s educate ourselves about food and yes, let’s become fanatical. We are obsessed with food and eating, most of us are, that’s why we’re obese so let’s obsess in a healthy, positive way and make these odd rituals a part of our lifestyle.


10 thoughts on “Lemon Water”

  1. You have to be amazingly organized to have all of that in the morning! You are right, we do need to be very conscious of what we ingest. My grandmother was extremely health conscious and did the same as you with garlic. She also felt that vinegar had many healing properties. She lived 96 wonderful years, so I think she was on to something! 🙂


    1. Kambucha can be very vinegary, my last batch I had to let go over my usual 7 day ferment to 14 days as I was too busy to even get around to it and it turned out very vinegary. You start it off with apple cider vinegar so there’s no wonder and apple cider vinegar is another recommended one to be included.

      I’m becoming a morning master with my potions haha. I never used to even have breakfast so it’s something of a novelty and very much part of my new routine to be doing this in the morning. I might not feel so much like it in winter though 😛


      1. I bet you’ll be able to keep up with it now that you’ve established a routine. Apple cider vinegar was my grandmother’s miracle remedy! She used it for everything from sore throats to spider bites! My brother and I still joke when one or the other is sick that we just need a little shot of vinegar! 🙂


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