Day 4 — The Dangers of Keto (Keto-Nutrition Crash Course)

Really informative and simple to follow info for any wondering about Keto

Adios Adipose

Hello friends,

I did end up meeting with my friends, but managed to stay away from the drinking. I also left early making an excuse of work, which is partially true since I haven’t been sleeping enough this week. I keep waking up feeling more dead than when I went to sleep. I have managed to keep both the Keto and Intermittent Fasting goals strong and socializing won’t knock me off that path and have to start over again. gave me a very nice shout-out, and I noticed one of their friends mentioned the dangers of eating too much fat and the negative effects to cholesterol and all that, which is what I would consider fairly commonly knowledge espoused by most people, and it is exactly what I believed before I started researching Ketogenic nutrition.  I can understand how it can be quite scary to try something new, when…

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