Anyone knows me knows I like visualising weight loss. What an awesome way to do it! Even if you set smaller targets with ten in a jar and a different colour to mark each ten lost to break it down a bit if you have a huge target like me.

Lapband For Men


“A picture is worth a thousand words” Or we could say it is worth a hundred pounds.
This picture was sent to me by the administrator of the blog and it just spoke to me.
At times it helps to see our goals. To feel our vision. This little tool which I will start using today does just that. It is simple, visible, present and, a kick in the gut when we are not doing what we said we were going to do.

Those of us who have gone trough the procedure of having WLS know that we put our life on the table when we went to surgery. Spend lots of money going trough the process and committed to a change in our lives. Folks. It is not the band that fails as I was just reminded while reading another fellow blogger’s posts. ( It is us who…

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