The World’s Most Expensve Donut

The world’s gone mad

Cooking with Kathy Man

It looks like a gilded lotus flower crossed with a spaceship – but it’s actually a Krispy Kreme doughnut worth £1,000 (about US$ 1,690).

The doughnut’s ingredients include a Dom Pérignon vintage 2002 champagne jelly, and a raspberry and Chateau d’Yquem crème.

It was gilded with edible 24-carat gold leaf, and the white chocolate lotus flower was dusted with 23-carat gold dust and edible diamonds.

Plus it came with this raspberry and passionfruit cocktail made with 500 year-old Courvoisier and 2002 Dom Pérignon.

The donut is one of the prize for a charity drive of Krispy Kreme UK.

Source: buzzfeed

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