So today was a working from home day. I spent most of it marking and that was a fantastic task as I saw all of the fab work my students have been doing, which made me very proud but also it made me realise that I must be doing a good job of teaching them. Not only was their work really thorough and well presented but it was very enthusiastic. Getting 16-19 year olds enthusiastic is no easy task believe me and I was positively beaming at the effort they’d put in and the research they’d done and the thought they’d put into presentation. It’s a huge upswing from how they were when I took over. Marking can take a long time and you have to make sure you give the same attention to each piece so it can be quite draining too but it’s so rewarding when it’s like it was today.

It had been raining all day and just as my son came home from school the sun came out so we decided to go out for dinner (I chose healthy options all the way yay!) with my daughter and then she had to work so my son and I went to the seaside arcades and had a blast. We did a fair share of battling on the really up to date console type games and we also changed some pennies and played on the old fashioned slots and then I decided to incorporate some exercise.

There was no body in the arcades and so we had a battle on the battack wall which was exhausting, perhaps the most demanding physical exercise I’ve done in years, and we played air hockey, we had a couple of games of bowling and then we had a basketball shoot out, the best of five 2 minute timed rounds… how many nets you can score in that time. I amazed my boy with my netball technique (muscle memory from when I was an ace goal attack on the school team and never missed a shot).

On top of all that we won prizes for our efforts by collecting reward tickets and cashing them in at the end. So we left with cute little winner’s rewards. It was like a mini sports day and we loved every minute.

After that we took a stroll along the sea front and had a good chat and a bit of a giggle and then we went to watch the new X-Men movie and we snuggled up and really enjoyed a thrilling two hours of non stop exciting entertainment.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be something you do alone, if you do have kids and you can get them exercising with you in whatever way, it’s good for you and for them from a health perspective and it’s also good for your relationship. Kids open up so much when you’re engaged in some kind of fun activity. I think they love the undivided attention and the relaxed atmosphere and feel more able to talk about difficult or sensitive things, especially teens.

What a lovely day, young people are so refreshing to be around, I love my job teaching them and I love having them at home too. I’m very lucky to be blessed to be surrounded by all of this youthful energy and it really does lift me. My own age friends are valuable to me too of course but I must admit I feed a bit off that vibrancy of youth it keeps me on my toes.

I’m so glad my reclusive days are over and I’m back out in the world being a normal mum again, I know it means so much to my kids and it just lift me and boosts me and makes my battle easier to fight.


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