Home Alone

Beautiful sunny day and I’m home alone. I didn’t fancy wandering around on my own so I decided to do some home exercise.. useful home exercise. I stripped all of the beds and laundered everything, battled with hanging it out to dry on the washing line as the tide was coming in accompanied as usual by a good strong breeze. I’m sure that fight with sheet and duvet covers used up a good 1000 calories and also saved me energy on electricity consumption.

I threw open windows and gave all of them an interior thorough clean and washed any window dressings that I could without requiring specialist folk to do.

I had music blasting out and got into a good rhythm as I washed down woodwork throughout the house, all doors and skirting boards (bending not crawling along the floors), I hoovered and mopped all floors, cleaned out kitchen cupboards and then I felt so invigorated that I did a thirty minute jog (yes, get me a JOG) on the treadmill.

I’m so fat but I’m feeling so healthy lately. I always was a healthy fattie (I’ve always been fit and exercised and have never suffered from the usual fat and fat/age related ailments like worn joint, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions or even swollen legs – I tend to carry water in my upper body area rather than lower) and that fittie is coming back faster than I ever anticipated. I’m so glad as it will help me to lose weight as I move more and more and get more bang for my buck in terms of exercise as I can increase intensity and resistance.

I do find that variety really is the spice of life with exercise, at least for me. I try to find different ways of moving my body, any movement is good after all. I like to incorporate extreme house work as an exercise as you get the double benefit of pleasing environment as well as the exercise, I find ways of not making it easy… ie as I said earlier, bending to clean skirting boards and lower walls rather than crawling along and I do this crazy kind of stretch floor mopping where I kind of lunge instead of just trotting around the room. I also made a point of leaving all of the laundry on the landing and sorting it up there for each load and bringing it down to put in the machine. That way I had to go up the stairs for each wash load rather than bringing it all down in one go. Result was I had to climb the stairs 7 times just to do the laundry as opposed to once. 

I turned all of the mattresses too today and I took the large lounge rug out and beat it over the washing line like the good old days and that was fantastic exercise, built up a nice sweat as well as busted some stress.

The treadmill was there to burn off that excess energy which exercise gives you, it really does pay to get moving because once you start something triggers in your head that makes you want more. 

I dance every night with the kids for twenty minutes as part of my routine and I also walk even if only to the park, plus I started to take the bus to work as that involves an extra 20 minutes of walking I wouldn’t get otherwise and I take the stairs at work always plus I walk the 6 flights a day at lunch time. Nobody knows I’m not going anywhere it’s good exercise and free. I was quite proud the other day as our lifts at work are being made disabled only. Anyone with a disability has a swipe card which activates the lifts, anyone without one can’t activate them. To get a swipe card you have to go to central services and tell them why you need one if you are not registered as disabled. Everyone was heading off listing their ailments and I felt good that I was the only person (and the fattest person) who didn’t need an excuse, I’m happy to use the stairs. We don’t often get smug moments but that was one I cherished. I think it’s a good thing to be honest, there are way too many young kids who have no weight on them using the lift to travel up one floor, it’s lazy and needs stomping out now.

I love to walk on the beach using the soft sand as resistance and I’ve found this new arcade game joy so I’m going to make that a regular weekly feature at least once a week to go with my son or both kids and have a battack wall battle, basket ball comp and a few games of air hockey.

Make it fun and change it up and it’s less of a grind. I can’t do 30 mins at a set time on the treadmill it’s just too boring for me and it doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to feel like exercise.

Even if you are not able to exercise check out some chair based exercises on line. Even a small punch bag on the floor in front of you that you can pound on is going to lose you some calories, even sitting in a chair bicep curling light dumb bells or tins of beans is going to lose you some calories. Yoga or tai chi based exercise, breathing, focusing energies is going to do you some good. Everyone can do something and I tell you breathing well is a real boost mentally and for mood.

Sometimes we get into a rut with our healthy lifestyle just as we got into a rut with our unhealthy one and we don’t need ruts, we need to be running free and enjoying what we’re doing and finding new things to make us tick and keep us on our toes.




3 thoughts on “Home Alone”

  1. I love your comment about breathing! I’m a shallow breather, mostly due to anxiety. One of the reasons I love running is that it gets me to breathe, really breathe, breathe hard!


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