It’s shifting!

Weigh in today, almost forgot with it being a bank holiday and it feeling like another Sunday. Not only that I’m really not thinking about weight these days, it’s definitely about feeling better for me right now but I still think a charting of the size journey is interesting to take note of now and then.

I lost 4lbs this week which I am happy about. 22 lbs in total now which means I get to shed another lump of Tracey! (For those who haven’t followed me Tracey is my 10 stone, 140lbs extra person I carry around with me who I’m trying to shake off, she’s captured in an illustration at the top right of my blog and she disappears in 7lb chunks, when Tracey’s gone I’m replacing her with a photos of my shrinking self).

So this is all great, it’s slower than I’m used to but I don’t care this is healthier than I’m used to. I feel about 20 years younger, I have such a spring in my step and such a light uncluttered feeling in my head and I’m so much happier and stronger mentally.

I’m taking my kids away for a couple of days for a little holiday as we’re all on half term and we have so many activities planned, all of which involve moving and getting out there and LIVING! We’re going to have so much fun, rain or shine and if my kids were writing this I know they’d be saying that the greatest thing this trip to health has brought us as a family is that they have their former, happy, energetic, excited about being alive mum back, BIG TIME!  Not only that but they are without a doubt healthier too.

I’m not ramming weight loss down their throats and they both exercise lots, my daughter loves going to the gym every day and walks miles and my son is almost 15 so he plays any and every sport known to man besides his daily PE lessons at school and his LONG walk to and from the school from his bus stop. BUT there are things which they have reluctantly (Kombucha and Kefir) or happily (flax seed and home made granola) accepted into their diet and their meal patterns have been regulated too. We all eat breakfast now and that bad habit of skipping it has been done away with and we have never gotten through so much fruit and vegetables.

The results for them: beautifully clear skin, my son was at the age where he may get a pimple or two or even succumb to acne but not a sign, my daughter reports stronger, silky nails (something I must say I’ve also noticed it’s like I’m wearing a clear varnish all of the time so I’m not sure what has caused that), healthier hair (they both have curly hair which can be dry but not any more), more energy, better quality sleep and both report that they have more enthusiasm for their study – I’m attributing this on brain hydration and brain nourishment as well as better sleep. My son who is exam cramming said that things just seem to sink in better lately.

Besides that my son is growing taller by the minute and he is getting slimmer too, whether that is a natural process as his remaining childhood fat reserves are being eaten up to fuel the upward growth or not, but his waist size has decreased by 4 inches since I started my health eating and is now at a very healthy lower end of ‘average’ size rather than at the upper end.

My daughter is going to be a bridesmaid for her best friend later in August and she tried on her beautiful dress back at the end of March and they had another fitting two days ago and good job they did as her dress hangs on her now and has to be adjusted considerably to fit her like a glove again.

So we are all benefiting from the healthy approach I’ve taken. Even though as I say the kids don’t really need to actively pursue weight loss this is getting them into good habits, encouraging them to think about their health and fitness and their mental and physical well being. It is having impacts on them which will hopefully ensure they never have to go through the hell I’ve been through in my life all without any pressure, just example and subtle introductions and changes to the way we do food and exercise.

I really can not emphasise enough how much this has to be about health, physical and mental, it has to be all about well being not about weight loss or at least not JUST about weight loss. If you live healthy and happy your weight will come down but if you focus on just that you miss all of the other great stuff that living healthy and happy brings you. I really believe that it is those things which sustain you in the weeks when you don’t lose as much as you would like, or you don’t hit your target or you stay the same or have a slight gain. If you are living healthier you will always see a positive result to balance out a negative feeling about weight loss. I promise you will.

This isn’t how I set out, this was to lose weight and save my life but I have gained so much more from these past few weeks. I have already saved my life in so many ways, I’m enjoying living now instead of waiting to die, my kids are happy to have mum back, I even love my job more than ever, my grades have gone up on my last assignments too!

Obsess about your food and health in a positive way and don’t let it define you, don’t spend so much time obsessing that you miss out on everything else, do the things you enjoy and enjoy doing again the things you’d allowed yourself to stop doing or enjoying, try out new things, experiment with clothes, hair, make up, start getting your nails done, a tan, a facial, mani and pedi’s… just start living again and doing as much as you can to feel good about you. It strengthens you mentally and it helps you to feel wonderful about being you and it helps you bat off insults and not care about stares.

If you are hugely overweight like me and feel you have an insurmountable mountain to climb and that puts you off starting, please don’t be put off any more, just start on the road, slowly and steadily changing one thing at a time. Seriously I couldn’t walk more than 2 minutes 8 weeks ago without aching and being out of breath and sweating and yesterday I jogged (a slow jog granted) but I JOGGED on the treadmill for 30 minutes! What a huge transformation in such a short time. If you stand at the bottom of a hill looking up, the top never gets any nearer but the minute you step a foot on the path up, the top becomes closer to you.

I know how much it hurts to live in a fat unhealthy body, I know and I know that you don’t have to shed all of the fat to start feeling better and the better you feel the more strength you will have to shed more of the fat. It was a vicious circle that brought us to these obese bodies and it is a slow spiraling upward stair case that will lift us out of them. There are no miracles, there are no quick fixes which heal our minds and bodies, just step by step upwards, learning about ourselves and considering what made us fat in the first place and dealing with those issues.


10 thoughts on “It’s shifting!”

  1. Boy, do I ever love reading a post like this!! You’re doing so well and are such an inspiration to me and anyone trying to lose a significant amount of weight. It is so much more about feeling healthier and noticing how much more you can do without the extra pounds holding you down. Hooray for all of your successes and enjoy your get-away with your children! 🙂
    PS. See you later Tracey–you won’t be missed! 🙂


    1. Oh thank you for your kind words and to inspire someone is such a joy. I know how much different this time is for me from all of the other times, it doesn’t feel the same, it feels like my focus is in a different place, the right place this time.

      We have to just break it down and think about what we are doing this for and write all of those things down and we’ll find we tick so many things off after just a few days, a week, a month, the weight loss happens and the targets remain of course but there are so many gains on the road to losing that we have to chalk up too.


  2. Congratulations on losing a chunk of Tracey. This post is so inspiring. You are so right, just focus on one step at a time and don’t wait for tomorrow, start now. Every little healthy change is good.


  3. One small change at a time. It’s the name of my blog. Breaking habits is the key, right, not sticking to a diet. We went out to the cinema this weekend and broke the popcorn and coke habit for the first time. We had unsweetened tea. But we had to think about it. Do we really want a Coke, or is that just what you do at the cinema?


    1. So true, so much of what we do is just bad habit. I really enjoy a cup of tea at the cinema and my kids make fun of me but it’s what I do at home, watch a movie with my feet up and a nice brew so why do I have to drink coke at the cinema? We run head long into consumerism’s influences and get wrapped up in them and forget who we are and what we want and what we like. Crazy brainwashing that goes on by the media.


      1. I read yesterday your post about the progress you are making and the effect it is having on your family. Things like that and things like this, our little victory over habit have me thinking that this entire fight is over habit. You are teaching your children that you don’t have to keep a bad habit your whole life. I am learning it myself.


        1. So true. Thank you for your comment and it definitely is all about breaking habits, it’s like any other addiction. If we were smokers trying to give up or drug abusers or alcohol abusers there would be support along those same lines, the programmes that are so well developed for breaking habits.


  4. This is hugely impressive. Your willpower is much better than mine. Fantastic that the children (young adults?) join in and support you. I wish our dog would do the same. Rock on.


    1. Haha they are almost unwitting participants. They are 21 and 14 so yes adult and young adult although the 21 year old is fiercely clinging on to dependence and childhood I keep trying to cut the apron strings but she is great with tying knots.

      They make fun of me sometimes and my strange new habits but we teach them the bad habits without realising and now I’m teaching them the good without them realising.

      I’ve got to tell you there have been times lately where I wish I had a dog, sometimes when the kids are occupied I just want to walk and it seems a little solitary even for a loner like me to wander far unaccompanied. My friends always see a walk as having to lead somewhere and that somewhere is usually a cake shop or restaurant :S


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