Short break

It’s half term over here in the UK so we’re on holidays from school/teaching. My daughter has a couple of days off too and so we’re taking a little staycation within the shores of the UK.

I’m excited to be getting away, I love the feeling of leaving where I spend most of my time, it’s like the feeling of leaving work on a Friday but on a grander scale it’s so liberating and exciting even if you are not going far or for long.

Of course the only problem it throws up is that we’re going to be eating out at every meal. I’ve checked that the hotel where we’re staying has granola on the breakfast menu and I’m taking some flax with me to sprinkle on top. I’m going to miss Kombucha and Kefir though, that stuff won’t travel well and I’ve made arrangements to see my cultures through my period of absence (seriously it’s like taking care of pets, these live cultures need to be thought about).

The hotel also has a good range of healthy options for lunch and dinner so we’ll probably stick to the hotel for most of our meals and hopefully find it easy to keep it real and not go crazy. I’m going to buy in lots of water and fruit for hotel room snacking too and I’ve planned lots of walking and activity to keep us moving rain or shine.

This is a bit of a mini run as myself and my daughter are planning on a week away somewhere hot and sunny when we both graduate this year so we’ll see if we can get through this with no hiccups and then we’ll be ready to face the longer challenge.

I need to pack some clothes and toiletries and do my final travel and reservations checks and then it will be time for sleep and an early start tomorrow. 

I’m a little bit apprehensive about going anywhere considering that it’s not long since we were broken in to but if I let other people scare me and keep me prisoner in my own home I’m letting them win and I’m not in that business really so I’m going. Things are things, I’ve done my best to protect our home and I have friends dropping in so I’m going to forget about it all and just go have fun, I will have the most precious things in my life with me after all 😀


3 thoughts on “Short break”

    1. Thank you. I’ve found myself in that vacation state of having children lying in late and sitting twiddling my thumbs I’ll rouse them with a call to breakfast soon enough so we can get on and enjoy another day.


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