Fabulous Break

So here’s the thing. We come away to have new experiences and to spend quality family time. To get us away from computers and screens (we still had to bring one as my daughter had some work to do) and what happens? I exhaust the kids so much on day 1 that I can’t wake them up on day 2 and end up sitting staring at a screen anyway!

Not for long, they will be raised from their slumbering states for breakfast soon my stomach is growling (says she who never used to eat breakfast… see what good habits can do?).

Admission of guilt: I had THE most amazing frozen passion fruit daiquiri in the world last night. I don’t usually drink alcohol but crikey that was some kind of wonderful. Low fat but not too sure it was low sugar and definitely lots of alcohol. Note to self: must not get used to them


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Break”

    1. Indeed and when they are enjoyed with unspoiled hours of reading your fabulous book about your amazing adventures with you beloved Chic they are even better. I am almost at the end and I don’t want to be. When I get there the review will follow very soon after. Even though I was eager to finish it I wanted to savour it and am so glad that I held back until I was totally relaxed and away from stresses so I could immerse myself into your world and what a fabulous world!

      I’ve cried lots and laughed more 😀 I loved your Domingo groupie story… amazing how resourceful we can be when we need a set of coincidences to collide and it served to remind me that even though mothers do our nuts in at times they do have such an amazing knack of coming through for us if we allow them to do the things they can do well.

      I needed that lesson so badly besides all of the others 🙂


      1. You know, it’s one that I remember in the back of my head every so often: when I can’t work something out and I say to myself “I’ll ‘phone Mither – she’ll know”. 😦
        She was all-knowing and all-doing: she just had this problem with needing to always be one-up on her daughters.
        I’m so happy that you enjoyed it – so really happy !!


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