Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

Ahhhh, it’s good to be home.

Had a fabulous break, made some wonderful memories with my off spring who are growing up so fast! They’re a young man and a young lady now and it didn’t escape my notice that they have this habit now of ganging up on me and whispering little pokes at me and having a behind the hand giggle at my eccentricities and me? Well I absolutely LOVE IT!!

If I could ask to achieve one thing, to just get one thing right in my life it would be bringing up these two beauties to be decent human beings, well rounded, confident, happy. But then I’m greedy aren’t I? Yes, I am and so I would ask for another thing… to make sure they loved each other and that they had a bond so strong that I could count on them taking care of one another, looking out for one another, not being jealous or cautious and Β never being afraid to ask each other for help, advice, a hug, a fiver whatever they need, to be honest with each other and to feel connected as parts of me and of each other. They will never come across another human being who is as genetically similar to them as each other, not even their own children, they are bound organically through no choice of their own and I want them to extend that bond through choice into a fantastic relationship and it’s there… it’s strong and I couldn’t be happier. I saw that evidenced at every turn over this break more than ever.

I’ve been so good food wise… oh well let’s be honest, there was the odd cocktail and a small matter of a final night lemon meringue sundae but I did leave a little bit… OK so I left a smear of lemon sauce in that tight spot at the bottom of a sundae glass which is just there to serve the sole purpose of teasing a glutton like me into not being able to totally clear the plate/dish/glass/whatever.

Feeling refreshed and like I’ve been on a physical and emotional journey which has made me a better, stronger person and which has undoubtedly bound my little family together ever tighter. Even though those bonds are shifting now and I’m not as much the centre point or lynch pin that I once was I’m happy that they are shifting in the right way.

We did so much but one of our favourite activities was the shadow puppetry on the hotel room wall at 4am day one, how much fun can three people have with a torch and a blacked out room? Tons of it! We giggled until well after dawn and it saved me as it made sure I missed the massive cooked breakfast the hotel staff kept on trying to tempt us with.

Happy weekend everyone!


15 thoughts on “Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig”

  1. If they stay close for their whole life it will be a wonderful achievement. When my brother died we had not spoken for 12 years. Blood isn’t always thicker than water. Celebrate your children!


    1. I am one of 7 and don’t speak to a single one of them, although one is dead now. We had so much sibling rivalry going on in our house and so much pitting against one another and so much sneaky underhand one upmanship it was awful when I look back. So many lies and so much betrayal as adults, so much fragmentation, I don’t want that for my children.


      1. Very wise. We were fine until we were in our early 40s. Its a sad story. Not for here but I am sure many families are similar. Your role as peacekeeper is vital.


  2. Shouldn’t be lemon meringue sundae to tempt you camping! Obviously it was a deep dish, or you could have popped your hea dunder the table and licked up that last smear. πŸ˜‰ I wish I had made more time with my two kids when I had the chance, but as they grew into teenagers, I was too busy being the drama queen as I self destructed in my own soap opera of a life! Lost time can never be made up. Your perceptiveness does you credit. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I’m not exactly Earth mother but I do try. I think joint memories are important so try to keep us together as much as possible and just want them to support one another when I’m gone. I’d hate to think of either of them alone and obviously they’ll have relationships and marriages (good ones I hope) and children (just as fabulous as they are I hope) and I won’t have to worry anymore but I’d still love for them to be close.


  3. Such a wonderful time! I love that you can do this with your kids even though they are getting older. That’s the time when siblings and parents often fragment. You’re a great mom and your kids are pretty awesome too πŸ™‚


    1. I think we all do one good thing in life and I think this is just mine. Reading M-R’s book made me realise I’ll never have what she had and that’s sad but then she had that experience and I have this experience, these two are my great love affair if you like, in a very healthy way of course. This is where I feel whole and come into my own, as a mum… the life of a wife was never meant for me. I am always very mindful of not making them my be all and end all though, I’ve seen too many women raise their kids and realise they have no life of their own and go through a kind of bereeavement process and I don’t want that, which is why I have always ran my career alongside my family and I have interests, hobbies, friends apart from them and my motherhood role. Life’s all about balances. The more I write and read other people’s blogs, the more I feel it.


    1. They do! We worry that our kids have ‘enough’ and the right stuff to keep them from being social outcasts and then they play with the boxes from gifts and are hugely entertained by a torch and a blank wall. These things help keep me grounded and more importantly them.


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