So much of our life is about what is convenient… a long time ago I woke up and realised that life is not about convenience, most of what happens to us is majorly inconvenient. We can turn our backs and hide when shit happens or we can roll up our sleeves and carry on and make the best of a bad job. So many people look for an easy out and in my experience your easy out comes at a great cost to someone else or even yourself down the line. Better to face your inconvenience and deal with it, better still turn that inconvenience into something good, make it count. There is enormous strength in overcoming a problem, surviving a horror, winning over an adversary.

We are in control of our lives. Sweeping issues under the carpet or passing the buck isn’t control it’s denial and it holds back great rewards from us. What are we here for if not to learn?

Swings and roundabouts … one of my favourite sayings, it’s all swings and roundabouts. Life is anything but convenient. Grab its every opportunity even the crappy, sticky, ugly, smelly ones and roll with them… there’s no better feeling than emerging the victor.


9 thoughts on “Convenience”

    1. Someone just turning their back on a responsibility they created for themselves, actually sought out because it’s not convenient to step up which then leaves someone else forced to step up who didn’t want or court the responsibility.

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  1. Words to live by. When I leave work for vacation, I make sure that all the heavy lifting is done. I can’t live with myself knowing that I left a horror show behind me at work. I fully expect my peers to do the same for me.


    1. I know that feeling too well, working twice as hard for two weeks before a vacation so that nobody is inconvenienced in your absence and then having to come back to find you have to work twice as hard for two weeks to right all the wrongs that were done in your absence or the little that needed attention being totally ignored.

      It doesn’t happen in teaching, that’s another thing I like about doing what I do.


  2. Very good advice. Since I struggle with depression, I’ve come to realize that all the soothing I try to do to myself is just avoiding dealing with the painful and actually makes depression worse, not better. I’ve had it wrong for a long time (and a lot of other people too). Thanks for posting this!


    1. It was just a gripe really but if it’s helped someone then great. I’ve been guilt of hiding from things in the past and I just know that if you face them and deal with them they become much less scary and you can put them in their place and move on. Sometimes I feel like we carry around a heap of unresolved issues which weigh us down.


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