Sometimes not changing isn’t such a bad thing… is it?

Oh darn! Those daiquiris and being out of routine… oh OK and the smothered bbq chicken and the lemon meringue sundae didn’t do too much to help… all mean that I didn’t lose weight this week.

I like to think (we eternal yo-yoing true weight loss experts are good at liking to think) that it’s all of that walking, especially up hills which has built me some stronger muscles which weigh more than all of the fat I’ve lost but it’s probably not the case at all.

I’m happy to have stayed the same, I’m not going up, that’s the thing and in the whole balance of things I had a blast with my kids and if a little indiscretion or two was had, so what? Normal people have treats when on holidays and so I’m not going to beat myself up for behaving like a normal person. I’m pretty sure the time with my kids and our new experiences, our freshly made memories gave me a week extra of life in terms of stress reduction and happiness and the lightness of heart that helped me achieve.

Better performance next week I think. I’ve got a few posts in the draft stage, I don’t seem to get chance to finish one lately. One of them contains an account of my attempts at last minute workout yesterday… I’ll finish it later and post it so everyone knows this stalemate didn’t come easy.

Tracey got a reprieve again… next week she’s not going to be so smug.


9 thoughts on “Sometimes not changing isn’t such a bad thing… is it?”

  1. Being able to relax a bit with your plan is fine. Having discipline not to go overboard was important and you’ve succeeded in that. We all need time to recharge and having some simple pleasures are surely allowed. You did well!

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    1. It feels like I have a week on, week off but I’m on the right path, this is a tough time of year so I’m doing well to even be having one week on in 4 and my off weeks are not causing a gain and I’m still pursuing healthy approaches so in my mind it’s a win, it’s not all about the lbs.


  2. The most important thing you can gain is practice at living right. The most important thing you can lose is bad habits. It takes time and forgiveness for when you make a bad choice. Keep saying “I will” and YOU WILL.


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