Minus 4… heading the right way.

I’m down 4lbs and don’t even have time to properly blog about it or do all my adjustments to my bits and bobs that I use to record progress or lack thereof.

This is teacher and MSc student hell right now… final assignments, heaps of marking, extra tuition given to students to get them through their finals (all out of the goodness of the heart you understand), preparing for September even though I’ll be in a different place it still needs doing.

All kinds of celebrations being organised for end of this and end of that and farewells and gosh it’s all getting on top of me now.

I shall be back reading, commenting and posting prolifically during the summer months you can bet ย your bottom dollar on that.

We had a HUGE thunder storm today, cleared the air a bit and made exercise a little less of a grind, it has been very humid and muggy lately so the air wasn’t feeling very fresh and I found it tough going.

I’m happy that I’m shifting weight and happy to be doing it gradually. It went on over years pound by pound and I’m happy for it to come off in the same way. I’m feeling great and even managed to find ten minutes today to make some freshly squeezed orange juice ice lollies before the massive heap of oranges were only fit for the bin. So, so juicy they were, love it when oranges that are past their best yield tons of juice as opposed to getting all sulky and drying up.

Kids are great, they’re both continuing to trim down too and everyone’s feeling healthy and happy if a little stressed with these end of year demands. Heading into the final push now and then the long summer break beckons and don’t I need it!


6 thoughts on “Minus 4… heading the right way.”

  1. If you were doing it rapidly I’d be sending you nasty things in the post, Michelle. Good on you for sticking to your own regimen and not being tempted to speed things up !!!


  2. Hooray for you on those 4 pounds!! I completely understand what you’re going through, although I’m sure the exam grading is a little more complex than I had to deal with in teaching third grade! Good luck with everything! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Easy to gain and very hard to get rid of those pounds, tell me about it. I only got rid of the pounds I gained after I went sick. So in a sense it was good I got sick, looking it in the bright side always…. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. That is one of the silver linings in the dark cloud of sickness. It takes so much effort to do something right and yet doing something wrong comes so easy… there’s a life lesson right there ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for your comment


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