Going to a Party

So, I’m in that odd position where I’m going to a party in Manchester for a mutual friend’s 50th and I’m ready before my friend has even made the shower. What happened to women taking hours to get ready? We’re over-nighting so the hotel’s booked and the bag is packed. We’d both been invited a while ago but neither of us felt we’d be able to make it so it is a last minute decision to go and we’ve not told our host yet so he will be delighted when we turn up and perhaps a little shocked when we arrive together.

So the outfit: I’m fortunate that my legs belie my size and due to exercise have returned quite quickly to their former slenderness… well they are certainly getting there let’s put it that way. ¬†I pinched a pair of my daughter’s killer heels which I am confidently managing to strutt around in… tonight I’m in tight jeans (you know the stretchy pretend jeggings? To haul over my girth but cling to my only good feature) they are black with a bit of a sheen and the heels are shocking pink covered in glitter with a shocking pink chiffon kimono style top with a camisole under layer which is covering a multitude of bumps and lumps. I’ve got my even more sunkissed hair down and curly and tons of slap on and I’m feeling pretty good with my tan from the past few days. I’ve also pinched (from my daughter’s room) a lovely glittery black clutch bag.. I’m so glad she didn’t take everything ūüėÄ and I’m so glad she made me buy this top,it’s flowy and floaty and gorgeous and I feel a million dollars.

I’ve been sitting catching up on some blogging after having a quick conversation with each of my kids who are having a great time doing their own things. The boy is loving tennis camp but has a twisted ankle, he is refusing to let it get him down or stop him playing though. The girl is just loving her city life and new job and being the young exec.

Today we mostly just hung out, Nick had to do a bit of work earlier which left me some blogging time ūüėÄ I’m full of things to blog about at the moment and keep tapping out starter posts so I don’t forget.

We’ve been good food wise, a nice breakfast of smoked fish, scrambled eggs and lots of fruit. For lunch we had some grilled veg kebabs and just before I got ready we had a light salade nicoise with boiled eggs, olives and fresh seared tuna as opposed to tinned stuff.

We Tai-chi’d again this morning and it inspired me to write something which I will hopefully get to finish off and post tomorrow evening and we went for a row this afternoon which was something I’ve not done for a while and it was such fun! He joined me earlier doing Hip Hop Abs so that was a hoot.

I think I’m enjoying this visit and I think I will miss him when he goes. but tonight we drink and dance and I really can not wait!

You know what? So many of your words are ringing in my ears right now, my wonderful blogging community friends, I keep having moments of insecurity and I hear you guys urging me on, telling me to enjoy myself and go for it and to just throw caution to the wind, M-R swearing at me for being a drip and I feel your good will towards me, your desire to see me get better and to be happy and it means the world to me… I’m so grateful for all of you. You all help and make a difference. Thank you xxx


Sharing My Goals

Following on from my Targets and Goals Post¬†I thought I’d share my own list of goals. These are my long term goals, my shorter term targets are not so clearly displayed and are on post it notes scattered around the house as I write them as they come to mind and they change and become achieved so fast that they are difficult to keep a track of. Although what I do is when I have achieved one I don’t just throw it away, I stick it to an old clipboard in my bedroom and now and then I read through them and remind myself of how many targets I’ve reached and how my objectives shift and change as I change. It’s quite useful for motivation.

Just click on the link below and it should open a PDF.


I do a lot of motivational things and use visual goals and progress monitors a lot it’s just because it suits me, I like that kind of thing, it appeals and it inspires and I know I need it. It’s not for everyone but it really helps me.

Anyway, these are my long term goals and some of them I’d say I’m close to achieving or have achieved already after just a few months. It makes me feel like I’m winning… which I am!


Update on the situation

Well we had a lovely day yesterday exploring Yorkshire in the sunshine and heat. I have never been as pleased that I started my healthy lifestyle when I did, I surely couldn’t have managed a tenth of the walking I’ve done and the elegant descent and rise from sitting on the ground when taking my picnic position would have been impossible a couple of months ago.

Nick prepared breakfast yesterday and it was one of those ‘like a King’ versions. We had omelettes, three varieties one was spicy with chilies and peppers and coriander another was a simple soft cheese one where he’d mixed some soft white cheese in with the eggs and thrown a handful of herbs in with it and the final one was filled with three types of mushroom. We had smoked salmon and half a toasted bagel each and we had skewered cherry tomatoes and button mushrooms with a tiny roll of ham which had been lightly grilled – breakfast kebabs! I’ve never done that before. We also had a platter of exotic fruits (brought by my guest) including guava, mango, pineapple, star fruit, papaya. We had freshly squeezed orange juice, iced water and white tea.

I was full to bursting after it all. He had also dug out my picnic basket and a cool box and he prepared the picnic for later which was all about the champagne and strawberries and tiny cucumber and salmon sandwiches and little skewers of berries with a yoghurt dip. It was very delicious and refreshing and we ate it in the grounds of 14 centuries old Ripon Cathedral after a coastal drive which then diverted inland en route to York.

Due to the drive Nick barely wet his lips with champagne but I had a good glug of the stuff ūüôā I was in true holiday spirit.¬†

We finished off the picnic when we arrived in York and he was able to have a little more of the champers knowing he wouldn’t be driving for hours. It was lovely. We walked around those ancient old streets, sat and had a couple of cups of tea in pavement cafes resisted cream teas, chatted to other tourists and locals, wandered along the ancient city walls, took a boat trip up the river, did a little bit of shopping buying some gifts for the children and then we headed home later than we’d planned but we soon made it and I prepared dinner while he had a shower and it was all very ordinary and civilised. ¬†Dinner was quick and easy, wholemeal pitta bread pizzas (from a recipe shared with me by the lovely M-R Stringer) and a tossed green salad. It was all we needed.

I realised that I quite enjoy his companionship but at the same time I’m often a very solitary person. I think it comes from being a teacher and having to speak to whole groups of people constantly, I think I need solitude and silence now and then to balance that out. I’m worried that being around someone all of the time is going to start to irritate me sooner or later, I hope it doesn’t and I’m trying not to think about it and trying not to do anything more than my daughter advised and just enjoy what is happening and let it happen without thinking of what happened before or what will happen next. There is no time limit on this visit, when his office needs him or his kids need him or when I need him to he’ll go back, that’s the only plan so far. In the mean time I don’t feel like a performing puppy, we’re quite content with silence and one another’s company so I don’t know why I’m even stressing.

I wore a lovely dress yesterday one I bought a while ago but didn’t fit at all. ¬†It was a navy coloured fabric with tiny daisies on it and it was much the same style as the maxi I wore the other week only this has capped sleeves and is slightly straighter in the skirt and so has a high split for moveability. I tried it two weeks ago and it was still a bit tight under the bust but now it fits perfectly and was very cool and swishy. I wore white canvas pumps as I knew we’d be walking a fair bit and took some pretty white leather sandals in my bag just in case I needed to dress it up a bit , I had my hair up and just let my fringe sweep down on one side and felt very cool and fresh all day.¬†

Sometimes I believe life tries to prepare us for things that we don’t know are going to happen and it’s entirely up to us if we heed the call or not. If only we could see the bigger picture! I’m such an impatient soul.¬†


Targets and Goals

I’ve lost 57lbs in 15 weeks. What does this mean? It means that on average I’m losing around 3.8lbs a week. What does that mean? That sometimes I lose more than that, sometimes less and sometimes I lose nothing, sometimes I might even gain a pound or two.

I just wanted to say that if I had set myself a target at the beginning of this healthy lifestyle to lose 3.8lbs per week I would have failed so many times. Oh there would have been weeks where I would have rejoiced at having exceeded my target but there would have been a good few where I would have felt like a miserable downhearted failure having fallen short.download

That feeling of being a failure would have haunted me, it would have either haunted me like a floaty white friendly¬†ghost and spurred me on to do better next week (unlikely) or it would have haunted me like a dark deranged demon and made me feel like it wasn’t worth it and made me start stuffing my face again and the whole plan would have gone out of the window (more likely).

Had the week come where I had stuck religiously to a healthy eating plan and where I had near killed myself with exercise and the scales showed that I had lost 2lbs or even 3lbs I would have failed against my target and I would have faced those nasty demons of self doubt and disillusionment and I could have faltered. Get that? Even when I had lost weight, if I had failed to meet my 3.8lb target I would feel like a failure.

Had the week come where I had done the same with regard to diet and exercise and hopped onto the scale to find I had lost nothing I would have spectacularly failed and I would have been swallowed by those same nasty demons. Let’s not even go into how I would have felt if I’d gained a half pound… that’s a whole world of hurt we don’t want to open up.

The reason I know what I would have done? Because I’ve done it so many, many times in the past. I’ve set targets, unrealistic or even realistic goals and there has come a week for one reason or another where the scale has not been my best friend and it has cut me to the core and it has sent me back on a downward spiral and I have regained weight and then some.

This isn’t about SMART targets they are for work, this is for your liimages (4)fe. We don’t need to put time limits on our goals or targets when it comes to weight loss. They make it harder for us to get to our end goals…they do.

Set long term goals and write them down. ¬†Your eventual target weight should be a long term goal and doesn’t need breaking down into short and medium termed weight based targets, those targets should focus on something else. Along with your long term weight based goal set other long term goals which are not weight based, think about your clothes size, your health, your attitude to life, your relationships, your career, take a look at the whole picture. You are (or at least should be) changing huge chunks of your¬†lifestyle, so much will be affected so take this time to sit and write your long term goals in all respects don’t just focus on weight loss.images (3)

If you do this you will find that you start to tick off those goals, lots of them, long before you tick off the weight loss goal and ticking them off will show that you are heading in the right direction it will spur you on to the ultimate objective of reaching an ideal (for you) weight. I say ideal for you because you should decide what you think is comfortable and right for you, use BMI as an guide but not as a definite. If you feel happy, healthy and fit as a size 14 then that’s good for you if you can maintain that. You don’t need to be skinny unless you want to be, and why anyone would want to be is beyond me. A bit of meat on the bones either muscle or fat is not the worst thing in the world.

Stop looking at those engineered before and after photos and setting you1450920_607242715989589_1241180434_nr goal to look like the after picture in the reported 5 minutes, most of them are not true and are just marketing techniques and clever trickery to make you feel like crap. To sell you a quick fix which will more often than not make you fatter.

We all (at least those serial dieters among us) know that feeling of FWBL (First Week Big Loss) where we (especially the very overweight among us) lose 5, 7 or even on one occasion it was 11 pounds for me. It is euphoric, especially if it happens at a slimming club and we are straight onto our half stone award or a recipient of group applause.

What we do then (and excuse me if I’m mistaken and it’s only me who does this) we project that weight loss forward. We think, “Hmmm well if I can lose 7lbs this week I can do it next week, that means I can lose 14lbs a fortnight, 28lbs a month that means 2 stone a month, that means in 3 months I’ll have lost 6 stone and I’ll be slim”. Hands up if this sounds familiar.

Then the next week we get on the scale and find we’ve lost a pound or 2 or nothing and we are disappointed, depressed, disbelieving and we head to the chip shop our projections screwed up and thrown into the nearest bin. Am I right? Is anyone nodding in recognistion¬†here?

So, as a serial dieter who has tried it all… Weightwatchers, Slimming World, Cambridge, Lighter Life, Juice Plus, The F Plan, Atkins and on… and on … ¬†and on, the lesson I’ve learned the hard way is DO NOT HAVE SHORT TERM WEIGHT RELATED TARGETS. Just don’t have them if they are measures in pounds or ounces or kilos or even inches. If you want targets make them more abstract and less time limited – think about my Tracey, she’s proving to be a fantastic target and measure of success but she has no time download (1)limit, she, the whole person is the target and I never said when I will achieve her by… certainly not short term in my head she is achievable by ‘sometime in 2015 maybe’. ¬†Anyone wondering what on Earth I’m talking about here’s a link that will make Tracey clear : Tracey and weight loss post¬†or at the top right of my home page is the lady herself.¬†I never look at chunks of Tracey and think “Hmmm by the end of August I will have another one gone then two in September…” I just don’t do it. Another method you could use is the tried and tested target piece of clothing a pair of jeans or a skirt and try it on now and then but don’t set a time on when you will be in it, just know that one day you will and that day you do get into it will be a fantastic day and you will be more likely to get into it if you don’t set yourself a time frame.

I do have pushes, where I refocus myself which inevitably result in a higher weight loss but they are driven by my own recognition of a lapse or a less structured and planned images (2)approach to what I am eating not by pounds lost or gained. ¬†Some ‘experts’ say that these sudden refocused efforts are really useful when it comes to weight loss as they give our metabolism a kick, so they are good for that too but don’t use them every week to get you to a target, just now and then if you’re on a plateau or you are needing that extra reinforcement of your plan.

If you set weekly or monthly weight loss targets you are going to run into a brick wall unless of course you know that you are very robust and resilient and can bounce back easily from disappointment. Our weight fluctuates for a million and one reasons, the way we process our food depends on so many variables, the way we store and use energy changes due to the influences of so many factors and to expect the complex human body to be predictable is a mistake.

However when we are obese or overweight and when we are dieting and exercising we can not appreciate that, we feel that we are a failure, that all our efforts were worthless and that we may as well just stuff our faces and be happy. We kid ourselves that we were happier before we were eating salad and before we were sweating on a treadmill for aimages (5)n hour a day. We actually believe sitting watching daytime TV stuffing a heap of mars bars and a family pack of crisps made us feel better than filling ourselves with nutrients and making our body move the way nature intended it to. You know some people think fat people are stupid and I’ll tell you what, when we make crazy judgments like that I think they may have a point.

Don’t have short term targets based on weight loss, just don’t. Make your weight loss your end goal not your week to week goal, make your week to week goals about introducing and including more healthy foods into your diet or drinking more water, make them about increasing your activity, taking up a new hobby, getting into a better sleep pattern, learning something new, trying a new exercise, doing more with your kids, looking for a new job, ¬†growing something you can eat… anything but weight. What is more, all of those healthy targets and goals will help you to lose weight while not focusing on it and you will achieve far more of your targets in a shorter space of time which will give you a mental boost which will help keep you on track and strangely enough get you to your end weight loss goal more swiftly.

I’m not sharing this because I want to make money or because I want fame I’m sharing this because I’ve been there time and again over 40 odd years and I’ve finally learned and I’m doing it right this time myself and I know it’s working. Removing those weight related goals has shifted the focus, I’ve not stopped weighing myself or thinking about weight in terms of pounds and ounces but it is not my FOCUS. Being healthy and happy is and focusing on those things is making me reach the weight loss goals so much more easily and quickly.

A New Exercise To Add To The Mix

OK so a quick blogging fix while I have some down time from entertaining my house guest who has taken it upon himself to ban me from the kitchen while he prepares a breakfast extravaganza which I am assured is going to use only the finest of my fine ingredients and no fat will be involved in the making of the meal except a bit of milk and butter… I could get used to this.

We had a beautiful day yesterday which was unexpectedly romantic, I’m not a romance person but I handled the roses and champagne well I must say. I was slightly thrown by it but soon adjusted my expectations. We had a lovely long walk on the beach, some fresh air and lots of sunshine after a delicious chicken salad lunch prepared by myself at home and in the evening we dressed up (thank goodness I’ve shrunken considerably and had a range of not worn or never worn in years outfits to choose from) and went Thai which was delicious and we added more bubbles.¬†

From all the bubbly and lovely food and fresh sea air and his drive we were shattered and had an early night (for me, the night owl who never sleeps) and planned to go down to the beach early this morning for some sunrise tai chi (I didn’t know that he is an avid practitioner so I was up for a lesson having tried it in the past and liked it… I was surprised by how it actually exercises muscles with the intense focus on the movement so was keen to have a go).

We arrived at the beach just as the sun was appearing over the horizon and I can tell you it was images
the single most exhilarating and at the same time deeply relaxing activity I’ve ever done… I don’t know, something about that beautiful snap of the early morning, the freshness of a new day, the colours of sunrise, the fresh air, the water lapping on the beach, the cool sand underfoot, even the seagulls squawking over head, the coolness of the night being replaced by the warmth of the sun, the world waking up, the peace and just the wholesomeness of the activity I guess just blew my socks off (well it would have if I’d had some on, let’s say it almost shattered my toe nail polish).

I think it all just combined to stimulate all senses and for a hedonist like me that was true¬†perfection. I highly recommend giving it a go and for those who are not very mobile yet or seriously¬†overweight like me it is something anyone can do and if you’re a bit conscious of exercising in front of other people you should be able to find a secluded spot all to yourself… if not on a beach then in a woods, a field, even your garden… it’s very stimulating and will be so good for your mental state as well as physical. Just getting outdoors is good and I know that when you’re morbidly obese doing that doesn’t seem like fun but give it a go, you’ll feel better for it I promise ūüėÄ

My friend¬†loved it too, it was a first for him being a city boy and not getting out of it very much at all he found it a bit of a Tai Chi’ers dream come true and kept reminding me how lucky I was to live so close to a beach and the sea. Something my city friends always harp on about when they come visit and something I take way too much for granted and I realise now, don’t really ¬†make the most of.

Anyway it was all very City of Angels. However if you watch this short clip from the movie neither of us were wearing long black coats, were short fat bald guys or went skinny dipping…

So today we have a drive out to the countryside planned (I’m even luckier I’m told to be sandwiched between the sea and miles and miles of gorgeous countryside), we don’t call it lucky around here, we call it isolated.

We’re going to spend some time exploring some parts of the Yorkshire countryside and take a pic nic lunch and then I’ve promised a tour of York itself in all its beautiful ancient historic glory. Tonight we’re going to eat at home, rustling up a sea food feast for dinner.¬†

I didn’t want to come across all¬†anal but I have to stick to my three meals a day and I have to plan everything out or else I’m going to really come a cropper over these few days, feeling happy and in good company and in the holiday spirit is going to lower my defences and make me throw caution to the wind, I know it is so I have to plan to prevent that from happening. I’ve explained to him and he is supportive.

This in itself is a first, I would never usually tell someone what I was doing in my efforts to lose weight simply because of past experiences. I remember as a kid being mocked for being on a diet and I just hate people knowing. But I don’t usually have someone staying with me 24/7 and so I have to be honest about what I’m doing and why so that I don’t fall off the wagon.

Besides this is so important to me now that it is a part of who I am, the healthy focus, the recognition of danger spots the planning to avoid them, the crazy routines and rituals, the blogging to help me make sense of it all and to get through it, it’s all me and I’m not stopping that and I’m not going to hide it from anyone who matters. Thankfully this time it was safe to be open about it and it was met with nothing but encouragement and support and understanding, this guy is all over self healing and health and bolstering the mind and body and getting them working in harmony and I’m feeling good about having a friend who understands without having been there, they are rare.

It is strange how our selves have evolved over the years in very similar ways. I’m enjoying this companionship and I’m feeling very blessed at the moment to have had this opportunity to indulge spontaneously in the strengthening of a long friendship, for how the stars aligned to allow me to be free to do this, no kids, no work, no pressures. I’m feeling very lucky right now.

What is more if this had happened last summer… well it wouldn’t have happened last summer. I wouldn’t have allowed anyone to visit, I couldn’t have been hospitable, I couldn’t have managed a conversation on the level we’ve been conversing at, I would have been mortified at the thought of anyone even seeing me and on a practical level I couldn’t have walked or exercised.¬†images (1)

OK so now house guest dude is standing looking at me with a breakfast tray in his hands wondering why I’m crying onto my laptop so it’s time for me to head off… love yourself today and make one change, just one ūüėÄ x


Kambucha and Kefir. Time for an Update.

It’s a while since I updated on my progress with Kambucha and Kefir brewing/fermenting.Kombucha brewing with white and green tea

I’ve just had to down size for a while to a smaller brewing jar (the one I originally used way back when I started this adventure) as I’m stockpiling Kambucha.

My SCOBY was originally a thin, slithery disc of bacteria and yeast and even though I frequently shed the bottom layer and keep the new baby SCOBY that forms on top my SCOBY has thrived to become a big, thick, heavy disk of the good stuff. ¬†This picture shows it upside down the new layers are on the bottom and you can see they are paler with the older layers being stained darker brown from the 2014-07-28 19.46.12black teas I’ve more recently used. You can see all of the strata of each new SCOBY being produced and how the underside (the oldest bit on top in this pic) starts to wear out (for want of a better word). It looks pretty ghastly but rest assured it does (or is reported to do) good things. You can’t tell from the picture but this is over two inches thick so was due a trim down. The rate your SCOBY reproduces shows that it’s healthy and happy.

I decided it was time to cut it down a bit as I’ve noticed more recent batches are quite vinegary to taste before the fruit is added for the second ferment in the bottles and I figure it might be because of the sheer volume of bacteria and yeast working in synergy with the sugary tea. It was still drinkable just very zingy and made your eyes water.

All I did was sterilise a smaller jar and brew up less of a mix of white and green teas and add the sugar and then I sterilised (with boiling water) a pair of kitchen scissors and cut through the SCOBY to make it more of a size to fit in the smaller jar. I peeled off a few layers but still left it quite thick and covered with a cloth (cut up old school shirts) to prevent fruit flies.fruit fly trap

Fruit flies do come too, make no mistake but I took advice and made a trap using a small new SCOBY a funnel made of a leaflet and a tall glass and a drop of the Kambucha tea, I placed it near the brewing jar and it trapped all of those pesky flies within minutes. If you have this problem then do make a trap, they work and they will save your SCOBY from infection and death and the rest of your home from the pesky blighters. I did find that it worked much better with a bit of SCOBY in it than just with some of the tea so do try to nick a little piece off.

I can’t say that I have noticed any further effects from drinking Kambucha, I’ve been doing it every day now for months and it definitely doesn’t do me any harm, I will tell you one strange thing which happened when I first started drinking it (avoid if you don’t like TMI). About half an hour after consumption I had a tingling feeling in my boobs, a little bit like when milk’s coming in when you are breastfeeding. It was quite strange and I noticed it always happened half an hour after drinking Kambucha, it was like someone flushing something through my milk ducts, only nothing came out. This stopped after a ¬†week or so. The odd thing was (again this could be coincidence given all of the other things I changed at the same time) I had had a¬†residual problem from my child bearing days and¬†since breastfeeding my son 14 years ago. When I weaned him I had one ‘outlet’ that took longer to stop producing than the others and then it developed a kind of abscess but this was tiny and when it was treated with topical antibiotics it cleared but then I had a very slight thick creamy build up every now and then and the doctor said it was an over active duct and it was nothing to worry about… anyway that’s not doing the creamy build up thing anymore after all these years. I’ve been checked out recently and there are no problems of any kind so … make of it what you will. Another thing, I’ve needed my gall bladder removing for ages and it bloated up now and then but that hasn’t happened since I started drinking Kambucha which is reported by some to be a very powerful detox¬†especially for the liver.

Photo from http://www.culturedfoodlife.com/how-to-second-ferment-kefir/
Photo from http://www.culturedfoodlife.com/how-to-second-ferment-kefir/

I’ve been drinking Kefir every day in the morning and then I use it to add to things like smoothies and I did manage to make some Kefir soft cheese but I didn’t like it. I do second ferment it with flavours especially citrus fruit rinds or I leave it in the fridge to set thick like a yoghurt and I have it half and half with fromage frais or yoghurt on fruit. Again I don’t know if it was this or not but I definitely have less energy when I forget to drink it (only happened twice). I used to have IBS and don’t anymore, from day two of drinking it and I never have heartburn or indigestion anymore either. My first day resulted in some loud lower gut grumblings and a rather unusual visit to the toilet at high speed but I think that was possible a bit of a purge and since then it’s all been healthy and regular as clockwork. What Kefir does basically is colonise your gut with healthy probiotic bacteria so aids digestion and absorbtion of nutrients and is though to contribute to better bowel health and general health all round.

Another thing I have definitely noticed and this is supposed to be attributable to kefir and kambucha consumption is my nails are really strong and silky, they look permanently like they have a sheen clear varnish on them. My hair is also really growing quickly and is very thick and glossy, you’ll see when I eventually do the reveal of before and after, my hair was very thin and fine and now it’s like it was in my ¬†youth, very thick and bouncy. ¬†Again there are tons of nutrients which claim to have these same effects on the body and I’m consuming tons of nutritious things so it could be something else but I’m not going to stop as it’s not doing me any harm and they both have proven health benefits which I’m keen to include in my diet.

My culture grew and grew, from those first little grains to the cauliflower type cultures I2014-07-28 19.50.35 have now. It’s so easy, yet sounds so complex to ferment Kefir and Kambucha, it’s so easy, about the same hassle as making a cup of tea or less.

The massive Kambucha SCOBY and the expired SCOBYs are also evidently fantastic to chop up and throw into a compost heap which is what I do with them, they add tons of nutrients which are good for the composting process by all accounts. Even though I extol the virtues of this fab white stuff too I can’t get any takers for my excess so I break it off and throw that in the compost heap too.

Latest Weightloss Stats

So I mentioned this briefly on my last mish mash emotional wreck post but here are the official stats:

Since my last weigh in 10 days ago I have lost 7lbs so a total loss of 57lbs since I embarked on this life changing expedition in April. In the UK that’s 4st¬†1lb¬†and for those folk who measure in kilos its about 26kgs. The gory details are here:¬†Mich’s Stats

So Tracey (my visualisation of the first 140lbs of my weight loss, symbolising the extra person I’m carrying around with me) is another chunk missing ūüėÄ Look at her disappearing 8/20 chunks gone and never to return:


If you’ve got a lot to lose and are thinking this is a bit slow it’s because I’m doing it in a healthy way, I have blips, I eat tons and I might not be shedding dozens of pounds a week but I’m so much more healthy and my body is functioning so much better physically, emotionally and mentally. Everyone does diets their way and I’ve tried every way but this is the healthy way, the best way for me to sustain, this is not a quick fix it is a new lifestyle and has to be or else that weight will come piling back on just like it has so many times before. This is different, this is a mental, emotional and physical assault on my issues with food and a total change of habit. It’s working.