Organic. Yes or no?

I read this today and it reminded me that I was going to blog a little about this. (Post edit note: I go off on a tangent before getting my point as is typical of me, but forgive me as my mind is clearly focused on one thing at the moment)

I’ve not got back into my previous ‘swing’ of writing yet even though I have had much more time on my hands I have been busy spending precious moments with my daughter before she leaves home for the first time. I was fortunate enough that she stayed at home while she studied for her degree but now I have to face her leaving after 21 years of having her beside me. It’s an emotional time, I’m swinging from being so proud of her achievements and excited for the wonderful opportunity she has to aching at the wrench of her from my side after so long together. We’ve been blessed with a delightful relationship, we’ve rarely disagreed or fallen out besides the odd moan about the state of her room and her protests at it being nothing worth bothering about. She’s been more than a daughter, she’s undoubtedly one of my closest friends, she just knows me and forgives me my imperfections, she understands my weaknesses. We have been through so much together where we have upheld one another. I’m excited though that she is going off well prepared for an independent life and I am equally excited to have a ‘base’ in another city where I can visit and explore once she is settled. I’m excited to have her show me around her house and take me to places she has discovered, I really can’t wait for all of that.

But anyway the past few days or so have been spent doing things for one last time before she goes, either together or as a family or with groups of friends. Last night we had a fantastic party for her and even though I had promised myself to eat my dinner and leave the young folk to the drinking and dancing bit I found myself staying and joining in with it all and thoroughly enjoying myself. There were so many proud mum moments as her friends all came one by one to sit with me and tell me how lovely she is, what a good friend she is and how much they will miss her. We all love our children and we hope that others see them as we do and indeed that they are as we see them and it was very heart warming to see the love others have for her and the respect they have for her. It was emotional and just made me very proud that with all of my hang ups and anxieties I have managed to raise such a wonderful person. I allowed myself a pat on the back, it’s not always been easy.

We’ve been sorting out the infamous room… my have we unearthed some treasures and I can’t tell you how many pairs of socks and shoes we found and how many of my own items of clothing I have been able to retrieve… I’m many sizes bigger but daughters take your stuff regardless, they love big oversized jumpers and cardigans and dressing gowns as I have discovered now I have a wardrobe full of the things back.

I’ve also been really busy with work… I know I’m supposed to be on holiday but I have become involved in a few projects which I’ll blog about at some point.

My last weigh in at the weekend showed a no change and I was not surprised, I’ve had a few meals out and a few grab and go snacks which have not been so healthy but hoping for a settle into routine again once my baby leaves after the weekend. If I descend into a depression as I start to suffer from emptying nest syndrome I might be in trouble, I’m a comfort eater so I gain weight when I’m down of mood but I’m preparing by not allowing myself to be down, I’ve got lots planned to keep me occupied and upbeat.

So organic…I was sceptical about organic foods at first, I just saw it as a way for food producers and retailers to charge more for the same thing. I remember touring a potato factory once and seeing potatoes being washed and then a guy throwing fresh peat onto them before they were bagged for M&S so that they looked like they’d been grown in some super clean field rather than the muddy one they’d come from with all of the other potatoes which were being sold mud on at a fraction of the price. I saw organic as something like that, a bit of a scam.

BUT I’ve changed my mind as I’ve educated myself more and as the prices of organic produce and the availability of organic products has improved. I don’t know whereabouts in the world you are reading this but here in the UK I have noticed of late that for many organic products prices are just a few pence higher than non-organic and some prices, if special offers are on, are the same or lower. I know this is a lure to make people start buying and then the price gets whacked up again but it has meant that I have started to taste the difference. Food just got more flavoursome and less perfect in appearance and I know the former matters more to me than the latter. Also I just feel better about what I’m putting into me now. I’m a long way off 100% organic and may never achieve that, it’s not really my goal, my goal is to have a good proportion of what I put into me being organic.

So far I incorporate organic milk, all of my fruits and vegetables, teas and cereals as a definite 100% of the time inclusion. Yoghurts, cheeses and meats are sometime organic if the price is right.

I grow some of the produce I use and I do this organically, mostly its herbs but I also grow lettuce and spinach and tomatoes. I buy free range eggs 100% of the time. I still drink Kefir and Kombucha daily too which I guess is as organic as it gets as I do use organic milk, tea and sugar in the process as well as filtered water of course.

I think what has happened here is that I started off wanting to be more healthy as my primary goal, I wanted to live longer and be well for as much of my life as possible. Obviously that led to a similarly desired weight loss and it also led to me thinking more about the quality of what I was putting into my body and what good it was doing me and also what harm it was doing me and that has led to here. There is still debate on whether organic is better or in what ways but for now I’m sold on the idea that it isn’t worse than the alternative and introducing some bits and bobs into a normal diet isn’t a bad thing. I guess with everything food related these days we have to read and read and make up our own minds.


3 thoughts on “Organic. Yes or no?”

  1. Organic when we can afford it; otherwise we don’t sweat about it, OK ?!
    I am so sorry for you, losing the constant presence of your wonderful daughter. I never had kids; but my dearest friends all did and I know that they went through agonies at such times. You will, of course, never actually lose her; but the break must be hideous.
    I believe stress does not make us lose weight but usually puts it on; so I reckon you’re doing pretty well …


    1. Thank you for understanding M-R. Most of my friends think I’m insane, I’m not sure if it’s because they were slightly quicker off the mark than me having kids and are on to multiple grandchildren already and have forgotten the wrench of the first leaving home or if they had kids so young they just couldn’t wait to get rid of them so they could have a life. I had a bit of a good life before they came along so I was happy to make the sacrifices and I’ve managed to trek around with kids strapped to my back on adventures since so I kind of feel less happy at them going. Besides my daughter just knows me so well, she’s probably the only person who has truly seen me at my ‘est’ of everything… weakest, happiest, saddest, most accomplished, most vulnerable… most tired for sure… there has never been a shield around her it will be strange to not have someone who just knows me around all of the time… but you know where I’m coming from there more than most I guess.

      I feel a little guilty that she has been more to me than a daughter but then she says that honesty has taught her so much… I know I’ve equipped her well for life and I feel accomplished and so excited for her and I’m so looking forward to all the craziness me and my son can get up to now the sensible member of the family is leaving haha. He’s going to miss her terribly but he can’t wait for us to have some 1:1 time now, she has taken up so much of my thoughts and energy this past year, she has certainly been my focus and he has waited patiently in the wings for his turn so that is going to be fun and I’m definitely having some more me time too so that when he flies the nest it’s not so bad.


      1. You have lots and lots of experiences ahead of you yet, with BOTH of ’em, in various locations and circumstances … But yes, it’ll be fun to be 1 : 1 ! Good on you for the positivism ! 🙂


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