Teenage sons and trial runs

So one of the things I did this week was act as stand in chick for a chick flick with my son. This is very new to me but all the same I wasn’t complaining, indulging in a delicious lunch with my boy overlooking the beach followed by an afternoon at the cinema (mid week school teachers’ strike free time optimisation. We FE teachers are all done and dusted so are unaffected).

“Mummy” he said over breakfast (that meal that we now eat in our house) “do you fancy doing something today?”

“Of course sweetheart, what do you have in mind?”

“Well… I thought maybe we could take a stroll to the beach and have lunch, I could see if I can beat you on the basket ball game and then we could go to the cinema”

“Sounds perfect to me, what do you want to see? Transformers?”

“Erm, no, actually I wondered if we could go see The Fault In Our Stars”

“Oh, that’s a bit of a chick flick, tear jerker isn’t it?” I asked surprised at his choice.

“Well yeah, the thing is a group of us from school are going to see it on Saturday, the girls got to choose the movie this time and I bought it to read on my ipad and just reading it made me quite emotional so I’m not sure that I can watch the movie without embarrassing myself and bursting into tears in front of the girls. I think the idea is the boys are supposed to be going to comfort the girls and I’m not sure I can uphold my end of the bargain.”

Of course my heart melted on several levels, he is old enough to be accompanying a young chick to a chick flick as a shoulder to cry on… awwwwwwwwwww my boy is being coaxed into the affections of another… and awwwwwwwwwwww he is so sensitive, he has a good heart.

“Oh so you need me as a kind of dummy run then mate?” I asked.

“Yeah mum, but I would love to do something anyway so if you want to do something else then that’s up to you”

“No, you’re good, I’d love to be your test date” I teased and he looked suitably horrified and sick as only teenagers can pull off with a single eye movement.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I’m sitting in a cinema two rows from the back, being mid afternoon mid week there are only about 10 other people in the theatre. I’m wracked with uncontrollable sobs, tears pouring down my face, trying to hold in the desire to cry out that has had me gripped since 5 minutes in and a near broken voice somewhere between man and boy beside me whispers “If you can’t bloody control yourself I’m moving to sit somewhere else, get a grip this is embarrassing”.

Mission accomplished, he knew he could sit through it without shedding a tear especially if he had a heaving, sobbing, wreck sitting beside him. It was good to be of use but that movie is not one to watch in public, it tears your heart out and jumps up and down on it and then some, especially if one of your kids is about to leave home for crying out loud it was sheer torture! Oh and I had grapes instead of my usual cinema treat chocolate buttons… the grapes were so much nicer.


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