It’s all about habit

I realised something this past few days… I don’t think about what I eat so much anymore and the reason I don’t is because it’s become a habit to eat healthily. For the first time in my life choosing what to eat is not an internal battle between right and wrong, good and bad, it just comes naturally.

I’ve been on diets before and healthy eating plans and lost lots of weight but it has always been a struggle to make the right choices. It never came easy, I didn’t stand in a lunch queue or sit in a restaurant and just choose something wholesome and healthy, I didn’t look immediately for salads and lite bites. I first looked at the food I wanted and felt bad that I was being forced to deny myself. This had the effect of making me want it even more sometimes to the point where I’d end up getting it and another diet would be on the slippery slope to weight regain and then some.

If I chose to eat some chocolate or have a biscuit or a piece of cake or a less than healthy dessert or even a few drinks I’d feel bad about it, like I’d done something naughty and that seed of feeling bad would sprout into self castigation and loathing and ultimately to a comforting face stuffing.

Now I find my choice is automatic, I don’t even look at what I can’t have, I know it’s there and I avoid it, I’m not interested, it is the devil and it not getting my time. I find I get excited about seeing what healthy choices there are on offer and I think about how much the offering has improved over the years.

If I do chose a dessert or a biscuit or some chocolate I do so in moderation and I do not beat myself up about it. I’m being normal, I’m doing like normal slim people do and I’m having something sweet, a treat and I make sure it’s rare and just one not a whole packet or bag or family sized bar.

This blog, opening up to things I’ve not wanted to confront, thinking about things I’d rather not think about, analysing myself and my issues with food has helped me enormously to get to this  point.

Some may say that by still talking about food and weightloss I’m clearly obsessing and no way near finding this all normal and I’d say to ‘some’ go stuff yourself.  This is working for me, it’s helping and I’m not going to stop because I’m feeling like I’m on the road to a new me. If it’s not broken don’t fix it is the old mantra and in this case I couldn’t agree more so I’m going to carry on obsessing about food and health because I’m doing it in a positive way now to make up for all of those years I obsessed in a negative way.

Little by little chip away and change those bad habits, that is the key, it’s the way, it’s the answer. Start now if you’ve been putting it off move a bit, change one thing about your unhealthy diet into a healthy thing and hey presto you are on the road to making changes that will make you healthier and happier.


3 thoughts on “It’s all about habit”

  1. It sounds like your attitude is right on. When I have a similar attitude, I am most successful at healthy eating. In particular: “I know it’s there and I avoid it, I’m not interested, it is the devil and it not getting my time” only I will say it’s poison, but devil works too! I find that when I don’t focus (obsess) I start to slack into old habits. I think the old habits are so ingrained in me that even when I feel I’ve changed, the old is still stronger. But with perseverance, the new habits gradually do become more ingrained. Like right now I’m not actively trying to lose weight (but I should be!) and I find I am often making good choices. I’ve convinced myself enough that “bad” foods are poison and it would not be smart to consume them and if I do, I rarely enjoy them.


    1. I think you make a very interesting point that the foods we eat to comfort us (definitely in my case) actually make us feel bad and we don’t enjoy them, it really is a drug isn’t it? We are just hurting ourselves. The emotional reasons behind over eating really are the key, I’ve bared my soul this time around and I’m getting used to asking for help and accepting support and it’s all helping me to come to terms with what the issues are behind this problem I have.

      Thank you as always for your comment x You always have something to say which gets me thinking or just plain and simple upholds me and keeps me going.


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