The results are in… part one

So, I’ve struggled with weight my whole life and aside from two serious illnesses which were caused by non weight related issues I have had a very healthy life. For a morbidly obese lady of my age I have been fortunate enough to have no joint, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid function health issues which are commonly associated with being seriously over weight.

I don’t know why this is, maybe I just cope with carrying weight, maybe if I ever get to slim my body will go into trauma and pack up, who knows.

I think that maybe it is partly genetic, there isn’t a history of anything really in my family, my dad’s demise was self inflicted when he used to drink too much as a young soldier back in his hey day, my mum’s family just go on and on and my brother died young of an old man’s cancer which is thought to have a strong genetic link for which I am regularly tested.

I’ve always been an active person, lots of aerobic based activity, walking, riding, aerobics, dance and such even as an overweight person I’ve been very active until the past year or so.

I’ve also made some adjustments to my diet along the years that have stayed, such as I never drink or eat full fat anything (as in prepared myself), I never fry or deep fry anything other than when starting off a meal, I only use extra virgin olive oil, my salt intake is very low, my sugar intake is low, I eat a lot of anti oxidant rich fruits and veg and drink green or white tea. I always have my five a day at least and start and end the day with water.

Of course that has all been doing me some good to fight against the bad, the piles of chocolate, crisps, takeaways, bread, cakes and puddings. Lately for the past year or more I have resisted visits to the doctor and have assumed, in a resting on my laurels kind of way that everything is good on the inside… I’ve assumed my heart’s in good condition still, that my lungs are doing OK, that my key organs are working properly and I don’t have hypertension or diabetes or anything else.

Reading a fellow bloggers post a few weeks back made me get honest with myself and decide that perhaps I needed to just go make sure I was right to rest on my laurels and have a check up.

My GP was pleased to see me and offered me a lap band before I’d sat down… I rejected it and told him that even though I was larger than last time he’d seen me I was doing well on a healthy eating lifestyle change and told him I just wanted to have some checks done for my peace of mind. I was two years overdue a smear test due to the embarrassment of not wanting to go… I know I know very stupid of me.

So the bloods were drawn the ECG booked basic tests performed and I asked that unless there was something imminently life threatening that he didn’t tell me anything until he had a full picture to report on including my bloods. He thought this was a good idea and duly reported nothing for me to be booking my coffin for.

I returned three weeks later for results. Today. Choosing to wait until every test was back.

I’m a lucky lady. There was nothing, other than my weight and a slightly enlarged gall bladder to worry about. I’ve been meaning to have the gall bladder removed for 20 years just haven’t got around to it and have chosen to wait until I’ve lost more weight before having it done.

I’ve not had a regular cycle for a couple of years now and my hormone levels suggest that I am not even premenopausal and so that was perhaps the biggest issue that my weight is behind this problem but it was decided to leave it in the absence of any symptoms of anything more sinister and just see if things return to normal as the weight sheds.

My heart fared well under duress and returned quickly to a steady resting rhythm but of course it is under pressure it’s just not manifesting itself as anything bad yet, I’m just lucky and I’m working towards relieving that pressure in any case.

It’s scary putting yourself through such tests, it really is but it certainly adds a spring to your step to find that you are virtually given a clean bill of health. I feel able to just focus on losing weight and being healthy and fit now and not worry that anything is going to give up on me on the way. I’m also confident of course that if I carry on doing what I’m doing and if I get to a healthy weight I should have a good few years left of healthy life in me yet, something which really matters to me.


8 thoughts on “The results are in… part one”

  1. Excellent news. My heart problems were revealed by a routine check up. A friend of mine was discovered to have leukaemia in a routine medical (he’s A1 now)…… they are a pain but worth doing.


    1. Definitely. I guess one of the problems with us in the UK is that many of us rely on the NHS and they are not so interested in encouraging early detection of everything as the pressures on their services and costs would be overwhelming… even though early detection saves in the long run… not just money but lives. However it’s there if we go and ask for it just not so many people go and ask for it. It’s a kind of catch 22 situation whereas private health care provided through insurance or private schemes encourage early detection to keep their costs down so they encourage annual checks much more. Some groups do get an annual check now, over 70’s and they started doing a heart check for the over 40’s and mammograms for the over 50’s but to be honest I’ve never been invited for any check other than cervical cancer screening. You can get a check if you want one but it won’t be that thorough, just a general thing, no scans or anything major. Or like myself, as my brother died of a known hereditary cancer (although no one else has ever had it so far in the family) we can all get screened for that but we have to go and ask nobody calls us in. I’m going to make sure I have regular check from now on. My GP said to go see him every month (that will be for his statistics to show a patient winning the fight against obesity even though its nothing to do with him) but it will be nice to be accountable to someone and to have another person interested in my progress, interested people have been my life blood.


  2. Bravo ! Me, too – meaning that I have no health issues. And I had my gallbladder out about 17 years ago. Just wish I were as committed as you, you clever thing …


  3. I’m very happy for you, Michelle. 🙂 I know you have said you were harbouring fears that something nasty was lurking around so having passed with flying colours must be a weight off your mind, literally! But I’m also glad you acknowledge that it’s all the more reason to become healthier now, and that way the only way is up, not down. As you know, I’ve not been so lucky…but in a way, I have. Where I think I’m lucky is that my heart’s first distress signal was atrial fibrillation, not a heart attack or a stroke. And if that’s what it took to finally get me to take all of this seriously, I honestly do count myself lucky and blessed. xx


    1. Thank you and definitely. We’re lucky to prevent it or catch it when it can be reversed or managed… I’m not going to rest on this either I will be regularly checked now. To be honest I do have a fear that should I or WHEN I become a normal weight again that my body may well go into a state of shock having become accustomed to being hefty. Time will tell but I’m sure that the gradual and healthy process will help avoid those kinds of issues.


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