The Results are in part two

Yay! I freaking well did it. Passed my masters with flying colours and my daughter has finally had her BA Hons confirmed too.

We did it! What a crazy hectic year we had but it was all worth it.


11 thoughts on “The Results are in part two”

  1. FANTASTIC ! – congratulations to you both; you’re sensational !!! 🙂
    What a year, eh ? You must be beside yourself … Wish I could give you a congratulatory hug.


    1. Thank you, it has been a very busy but productive year for us. I can feel the figurative hug from here 🙂

      I’m glowing at the moment, she’s arrived, done her shopping, set out her space, joined a gym, had a bath, spent some time with her housemates who all seem lovely and now she’s snuggled down in her brand new bedding (what better feeling is there than that?) and ready for a good sleep. The weather’s really good right now so she has plans to go with her new mates to the bay which is beautiful to have a wander and eat and have some drinks and soak in her new surroundings tomorrow and they’re going to a medieval games reenactment the next day in the grounds of a virtually intact 2000 year old castle and to an open air performance of Romeo and Juliet in the evening in the same grounds… I’m quite jealous 🙂 One of her housemates is Spanish and is teaching at an international language school and has a large group of very dishy continental single male friends which she is willing to share… I had wondered what it was about that house that had clinched the deal 🙂 She’s going to be fine… phew.


        1. Breaking the cycle… I never took a challenge so seriously in my life. I love to think of her knocking a few back in a wine bar and giggling with her mates one night and lounging in a castle’s grounds soaking up some Shakespeare the next, it’s all I wanted for her, variety, experience, broadness of mind, embracing everything she possibly can. Warms my heart and makes me jealous… she made me laugh when I feigned a tantrum on the phone and said “I want to see Romeo and Juliet on a summer evening outdoors” and she said “Well you can’t mama so tough read the book or watch the movie” haha. That’s my girl.


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