Progress… the statistics

So I realised this morning that I’ve not weighed myself for a while and I was surprised to see when I checked my progress record that it was 19 days ago since I last braved the scales.

I’m kind of pleased about that. For me I didn’t want it to be all about the numbers but at the same time I needed that evidence that I was doing good. I am probably not alone among obese people who fail to see themselves any differently as the pounds drop off even though others comment and the clothes are getting baggy, we find we can start sizing down and the exercise gets easier and our mobility improves, we see ourselves as just the same fat lump… such mental issues! These need so much exploration obesity is a mental illness I am sure of it how else could our self perceptions be so skewed.

OK so I’m pleased that I’m not scale hugging and that I’m plodding along happily confident that I’m doing the right things and not needing that affirmation from the numbers so much, it is another indicator that my mind set is changing and I’m winning the mental battle.

Anyone who is interested in my progress to date can check out my sats on my numbers page which I regularly update here: The Numbers

So I am ecstatic this morning as I have lost an amazing 50lbs! Don’t get excited I’ve not found the answer to slim, that is in total since I began my snail paced quest not since my last weigh in… but 11lb’s of that is since my last weigh in. 

So… I passed some important milestones and we know how much these matter when we have a mountain to climb, so indulge me while I brag about them…

1. I’ve lost 50lbs of fat and that looks like this (you know how I love my inspirational visuals and I’ve enhanced this one to spur me on)


2. I’ve slipped under the 300lb mark! I am now a member of the 200 club again.

3. I’ve now shed 7 chunks of Tracey! See that sucker disappear!


I’m on my way, no denying it. 


21 thoughts on “Progress… the statistics”

  1. I’m so proud of you – you are inspiring me to hang in there. I have a lot less to lose but I am not actually shifting any at the moment because I am so weak in self-discipline and I keep applying the “What the heck” principle when I go over my calorie limits (always seem to fall down at the end of the day or after tea 😦 )


    1. We all have our off times, that’s part of being a normal person with a normal approach to food. When you’re feeling the call back to a more disciplined life you’ll be fine. I know I’ll have times when I just want to go back to what was normal for me but this time I’m going to pull out all of the stops to get around it when it happens.


      1. I think you’re right – I have to want it more than anything else. I find it hard when I expect 100% change all at once, so I might need to just celebrate the small changes for now. Hopefully I will find motivation through blogs like yours and get some strategies together so I can set myself up for success. In my head, I know how I should be eating, but I hate feeling hungry and not sure how to change that.


        1. I read a guy’s blog on here he weighed 500 pounds and got down to an average weight for a man of his height and his key piece of advice was “I thought at the beginning, there is no way I can lose over 300 lbs it is too big a mountain to climb” so he kept on putting it off (same as me) then he said one day he thought “you know what I can’t lose 300lbs, that is too big a mountain to climb but I can lose 5lbs” so he made his goal 5lbs, he lost 5lbs and made a goal to lose another 5lbs and so on until he lost over 300lbs. It took him a long time and sometimes he took a long time to just lose his 5lbs but he did it eventually and never lost sight of his goals. That inspired me, I set myself 7lb tagets by using my Tracey illustration. It doesn’t matter how long it takes me to lose a chunk of Tracey I just plod along until I do.

          I’m a huge eater, I have a massive appetite and if you were to look at some of my meals when I started out on this road from my fitting in 5 a day page I was eating huge meals and losing weight and gradually as my relationship with food has improved my appetite has decreased and I can’t eat a massive meal anymore (I still don’t do haute cuisine little slithers on plates) but I feel satisfied and I leave food now or find I don’t need a dessert.

          I think the appetite reduction comes from a combination of feeling happier, eating healthier – my body has everything it needs and then some and is properly nourished and hydrated so it’s not crying out for water or nutrients and I’m not interpreting that as a need for more cake, exercising more is making better fuel efficiency of what I put into my body and giving me emotional highs that I don’t need food to provide anymore and I just don’t feel I need food as my drug now, I need food as my fuel and as my medicine and my attitude has completely changed. Having said that I do have days where I can eat big, maybe cyclical things and last night’s steaming recipe was an example of how I satisfied that with a meal made up of lots of nice component parts so it was like a hot buffet treat which i could have even added more to in terms of salad and pitta and followed it with fruit. I don’t calorie count I vitamin and mineral count and I cut out some fats (I still have plenty of dairy) and nearly all refined sugars.

          BUT all that said, I know that if the heart is not in it and it’s not the right time then it just won’t work, I’ve been there so many times and something was right for me this time and worked to keep me on the right track and I really believe it was this blog, not only do I write about my challenges with food and my successes but I’ve visited some dark places especially in my My Journey to Fat pages to find out why I hate myself so much and why food is my version of self harm and spilling that stuff out onto a page has hurt but it has healed, i know now why I have the problem I have and knowing helps me to defeat it.

          I don’t want to preach to you, I know what it is like, I still know what it is like to be overweight and to have people say ‘try this, try that’ but I just want to share some of my coping mechanisms so that when your stars align and the time is right for you that you might be able to benefit from them as I have from other bloggers xx


          1. Wow, thankyou so much for sharing your strategies to success. It means lot that you took the time to write all this. I think breaking the weightloss into small goals sounds like something I can achieve (well more easily than my other attempts!).
            Can you recommend any blogs that have really inspired you- I do find I gain motivation reading about the journey of others and feeling not alone.


        1. Haha, yeah I didn’t think of when she’s gone, I’ll have to keep her outline as a reminder. She was my initial long term goal but I will still have another 40lbs to go after she’s done. I just figured that when I’ve lost 140lbs a new long term goal of 40 will seem achievable and keep me going to the end. I’m psyching myself up for it already as I know that time isn’t too far off when I’ll be facing my new goal and I know it’s going to be tough. I’ll probably do a new visual of 40 blocks of fat and gradually reduce it.

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