What if…

I just thought, what if sometimes those of us who feel suddenly inspired or prompted to lose weight are super in tune with our bodies and we’re hearing them tell us it’s time to do something? We’re kind of hearing our body crying out for help or notice that it’s firing a warning shot telling us to do something now.

I think this time with it all being so much easier than ever before that my body was/is sending out the final warning, red alert, emergency. I think it was saying “I’m not going to tell you again, this is your last chance” and because I took notice of it and because I’m working with it, it’s working with me and just reveling in all of this good attention.

I shouldn’t be able to do some of the things I can as a woman of my weight and size but I try and I find I can.

You know I don’t think it’s such a bizarre concept, we have pregnancy cravings which we are told are usually our bodies telling us what nutrients they could do with and other cravings when we’re not pregnant, even just common thirst and hunger are messages.

My son is eating protein and dairy right now like no one would believe, to the point I’m really glad we don’t have any pets as he’d have devoured them for sure. We would accept that it’s his body sending out signals saying I’m growing fast here, I’m making bone and muscle at a fast rate I need building blocks shoveling in by the bucket load.

I just got to thinking that I never really know what prompts me to take action with my weight, I just get to a point, I have a feeling, the stars align… what if it is so much more simple than that and it is just my body begging me please do something, meet me half way and I’ll help you. Is this what being in tune with our bodies means?

Just thoughts, mumbled thoughts… it’s hot… I can’t sleep… maybe I’m talking rubbish.



One thought on “What if…”

  1. Nope. I’m 71, and in all my adult years have experienced several of these moments of … whatever it is. They’ve coerced me into doing what you are now, so they were real. It’s just that you and I need to think of a name … 🙂


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