No crunches or sit ups

Even when I’m not huge I hate crunches and sit ups and this looks really good fun

I’ve sent off for it and will let you know how it goes. I’m nowhere near getting to see any abs at the minute but i think it will just be a fun workout.

I started dancing every day with my kids just a twenty minute wobble around to some music. That was my first attempt at an kind of exercise way back in April when I started out on this road. It was a 100 days of healthy challenge which I completed in June. I’ve set myself some targets for activity and exercise along the way, managing to walk and then run to the top of the sea defence wall, which I managed within 4 weeks of setting it. I’m  doing a sponsored walk for the local eating disorder service centre which I’ve never used but I know does some fantastic work with young girls who are mainly starving themselves to death due to emotional issues linked to food and body image. It’s only 5 miles and it’s at night, it’s a candle lit pyjama walk so it should be fun, quiet and cool when we do it.

I didn’t feel I could manage much exercise but it wasn’t long before I started to walk longer and longer distances, dance more energetically and as anyone following my blog will know I got to the point where I can actually jog a little bit.

I think I’m ready for something a bit more energetic so this is my choice. I will do as much as I can and build up until I can do it all and then I’ll add in weights and things like that to increase intensity as I become even fitter and lose more weight.

Now I have the all clear on my health I have nothing to worry about. I know I can safely do it and I think it’s time I started to push myself with exercise.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


14 thoughts on “No crunches or sit ups”

  1. I like VERY MUCH the idea of your making yourself a guineapig for slobs like me !!! 🙂
    In all seriousness, I am truly interested in this project, and will wait with bated breath to see what you think !


            1. However just this very evening I had a long conversation on the telephone with an old crazy wild memory of mine and let’s just say the subtle dalliances on the past were quite electrifying and it would appear he has memories too… you just have to wonder 24 years is a long time to let pass before the rekindling of a wonderfully spontaneous care free wild and crazy snatch of history. Both now single, chatting as if we were sill 22… I think the memory is best preserved and the London rendevous we brushed on as a possibility for the future should remain a non event.


              1. Ah, now you’re in territory beyond me. Memories like that of mine all preceded Stringer – as you know – and when one of mine popped back into my life from finding the book, there was absolutely nothing. I was bored.


                1. I can imagine. It’s made me feel old. I wish I’d loved my husband, I can’t regret my decision I thought I did then and my children would never have been without that prompting. It would be good to have had a happy marriage… when I was reading your book I envied you so much (in a nice way) but I think my father’s long suffering and my own first disastrous relationship set me up for a life of never feeling satisfied or relaxed enough to notice my Mr Perfect.


  2. Actually, there is no real benefit in jogging, puts too much stress on the joints. Fast walking is much better. The Hip Hopping sounds like fun. There’s a lot of men who like big ladies, so you must be nearly in the danger zone, especially with your sunny disposition. 😀


    1. Haha I gave up on men years ago, not that I sought an alternative, my last romance attempt drained me in every way and I vowed never again. I’ve had enough love and romance and fun to last a lifetime I think that portal is closed now.


  3. Kudos to you for your gradual increase in activity. Slow and steady is a good way to prevent injuries. I got the Shaun T dance party, but only used it a few times because I got obsessed with the running. Pretty soon though, I’ll be adding in some of my DVD workouts since I really enjoy them. Looking forward to hearing how you like the hip hop.


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