Proud Mama

I was delighted with my son’s end of year school report… of course I was delighted by  his grades but more so I was delighted that finally they have started to comment on what the child is like as a person rather than just grading them against a set of stats.

They  have a new head teacher so I’m thinking this is his introduction and very welcome it is too.

I was so happy to read that my son “always has a smile on his face” and that he “always helps others and uses his ability to articulate information to do this”.

I love that he is as lovely as I know he is at home at school. We kind of hope that they carry on their behaviour out in the world and we’re not deluded into thinking they are little angels… or big angels, he is taking over me now in height and I’m starting to feel very small beside him… and small is something I don’t get to feel often!

As a teacher I also know how effective peer teaching can be and how much it helps a teacher to differentiate lessons and so I’m sure he must be pretty popular.

He’s a treasure and I adore him even if he has just needed yet another shopping expedition for jeans which as a fussy teen (his sister never cared for fashion labels) are not cheap. I try to keep him in shorts but he said that the ladies keep getting distracted by his sexy legs and he’s fearful that he might cause a road accident…and we know who he got those from don’t we? Oh yes, his mama ;P As well as his flirtatiousness I fear… lawd have mercy on my pour soul I am in for an experience with this one.




3 thoughts on “Proud Mama”

    1. They used to do it when I was a kid but since it all became target driven it’s all about the grades and they’ve lost sight of the person so it was really refreshing to see a new format and new approach.


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