Tomorrow it’s carnival and so we’re heading to the beach for some fun in the sun. My son went today with his friends and promised me that tomorrow we’ll go together for the finale. He told me there is a fantastic Continental market in situ… oh my word this is temptation alley for me. I love when the local farmers and those from across Europe go on tour with their produce and hold these pop up markets. The smells the sounds the quaint olde fashioned stalls and carts, the colours, the languages, the national flags the whole melee that is European food and culture in one place… it’s something else. He brought home a beautiful flagon of Greek olive oil infused with herbs and spices for me as a gift… he knows me well.

The boy told me the usual suspects are lined up,French boulangeries, patisseries, fromageries, viticulturers, beer brewers, cidre makers, German sausage and wonderfully fermented vegetables, rich cakes, Greek olives and cheeses, honey and fish, Italian wines and breads and pastas and cooked hams, and increasingly we have the Eastern European countries (EEC’s) with their offerings, the Poles and Latvians, the Checzs and Romanians, the Bulgarians et al laying out tastes of their nations, food drinks herbs and spices, giving recipe ideas, tastes and language lessons. Norwegian and Swedish fish, Danish butter and cheese, Switzerland Belgium tempting you in with their chocolate creations. Gosh I’m salivating at the thought, can’t wait to get there and hoping I can make some healthy choices without too much internal turmoil 😀



3 thoughts on “Carnival”

  1. It was very sensible of The Boy to warn you of the temptations, you’ll have time to toughen up. Just a small treat or two, maybe three … after all, you didn’t fall off the wagon when you were on that holiday did you! 😀


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