Continental Market

So today we went to carnival and it was fabulous! Mostly I spent it with my son and a friend who tagged along with us last minute who took some amazing photos which I shall steal from his Facebook at some point. None of me, I’m still not that comfortable having pictures taken, it comes and goes in waves. We met up with other friends for lunch (see post about pet loving) which was really lovely apart from the pet thing. 

It was soooo hot! We sat outside overlooking the beach and it was so easy to just order a simple tuna salad with gallons of iced water and lemon. I resisted dessert too. 

I got a slight tan today for the first time in ages and that’s given me a nice healthy glow which is much appreciated and no doubt helped boost the Vit D supplies, my hair responds very quickly to sunlight too and it’s a shade blonder than it was when I set off this morning, can’t beat some freebie highlights.

I wore a maxi dress… hallelujah for those babies coming back into fashion a couple of years ago. I have avoided wearing them so far as I feel like I’m donning a tent in them but now I’ve lost some weight I felt more comfortable. I have a bust which does not alter in size when I gain or lose weight, my back size shifts but the actual boobage stays the same and so when I gain weight they start to look smaller and merge into the overall blob shape I become but as I lose weight they start to appear bigger and make a stand for some recognition in their own right and pull away from the blob to create something resembling a shape… a figure even.

I chose a maxi with thickish straps and a fitted shaped bust which pinched into an under bust band and then flowed out with not too many yards of fabric so it wasn’t just a billowy shapeless bag of material. I got it for a bargain £56.00 from a mail order company Marisota, it’s a Project D dress (Dani Minogue’s line) and usually retails at £140! Bargain.  What is more a couple of months ago this wouldn’t have been available in my size but it is now! Look at me getting back into fashion… gosh I never thought that would happen.

Doesn't quite look like this on me but I can pretend it did
Doesn’t quite look like this on me but I can pretend it did

I felt good in it and loved seeing my cleavage again something that is under wraps mostly due to being a teacher of teenage children and it being deemed inappropriate to have any on show at work. Like all of a sudden, a glimpse of weather worn flesh folds is going to make a 300 pound 46 year old lady the object of a 19 year old boy’s affections when there are strikingly beautiful young things wandering around the college halls with boobs and bums hanging out all over the place, flicking their manes of long silky thick hair around to ensure they are noticed.

The delicious breeze which made it under the hem of my frock and circulated around in there creating a personal micro climate was heaven on such a hot day! 

I wore a cute pair of flip flops from Croc – now I don’t know about where you are but Croc’s (the clog type) have a certain stigma attached to them over here in the UK but the company make some lovely flip flops/thongs whatever you call them wherever you are and also some fun sandals. They have a fab non slip massaging effect relief which keep the souls of your feet refreshed and comfortable on the longest of walks and the hottest of days and they are perfect for beach walking, paddling, pavement or grass… you just keep on walking Forest Gump stylie and no worries, no shoe changes, no bare feet just trusty crocs which last FOREVER. 

I have a few pairs but today I wore these, which are the Adrina Bubbles Flip in Candy Pink and Iris and cost me about £25 but as I said they will last for all time.


So I was suitably attired and felt amazing and didn’t give a flying fahooooka what anyone thought of me with my lovely inherited pink tote bag (thank you for your cast offs daughter I’d had my eye on that for a while) and my lilac rimmed aviator style sunnies – I’m not Australian I just feast now and then on Bondi Rescue and it brushes off… OK so I feast more than I should on Bondi Rescue… oh Hoppo come rescue me now… and bring Chappo this is a big job!!! 🙂  Sorry if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about but meet Hoppo and Chappo:

Hoppo-bondi-rescue-4427067-350-240 tumblr_inline_mhkypbSLMa1redaod

Please note, I am regaining my colour vision… I’ve blogged before about me and my hiding place for a zebra wardrobe which thanks to my lovely daughter had a splash of colour injected near to the start of my quest and has since had more and more added as the old stuff is turfed out. Although I do keep one piece that is going to be put with other fat clothes and made into a memory quilt at the end of my journey lest I forget.

We walked miles, we stopped and watched the parade, we did a tiny bit of shopping. I bought some jars of honey and bottles of oil and a couple of bottles of wine and some bags of herbs and spices and I ate a macaron… I HAD TO, it was pink and matched my bag 😛 I also bought some nice pieces of cheese, a lovely Roquefort which I could not put back after I had smelled it and some fabulous Gouda which I just love to melt on things. I also nibbled on a piece of baguette dipped in a salad dressing which I had to buy too. These continentals, they use their sexy accents and deep brown eyes and flutter those thick dark lashes and we’re like putty in their hands… I felt like a victim I can tell you, it wasn’t easy 😛

We sat on the beach and drank icy cold mineral water. My son picked a mandolin up from a guy who was selling all kinds of hand crafted instruments, little shakers and drums and just beautiful hand made wares. It’s a fine piece of wood and when we were on the beach he tested it out some more and made some beautiful sounds come out of it which reminded me of Greece, Captain Corelli, Kefalonia all of that/this.. if this clip makes you want to go there, go, it is more beautiful than any images you could ever see, the place captured my heart and I can’t stay away.

I was in heaven resting with my head on my pink tote full of produce in my fab frock and sunnies and I was surprised when I came out of my stupor to find people standing around, sitting around and my son beaming with his baseball cap full of change… little busking opportunity he seized there. He’s so talented, he’s barely touched a mandolin before, he’s blessed with a gift for sure. 

He took off after that to meet up with some of his friends who were taking part in a sandcastle comp right up the other end of the beach, I watched him set off jogging at the water’s edge and saw him differently to how I’ve ever seen him before. Tall, lean, long legs, broad shoulders, cute little butt, tennis player physique, his fabulous curly shiny black hair catching the sun, I love the way it bounces now he’s grown it a little, I can see why the French call curly hair ‘boucle’ it’s such a lovely bouncy word which suits it perfectly.. he’s on the way to being a man and I looked as several groups of young ladies seemed to appreciate him in a different way to the way I did… protective pangs made me want to run and throw a sheet over him… and cry he’s my baby! He’d have giggled his head off if I had, he would have feigned embarrassment but he would have found it hilarious really.

We waited for the evening fireworks by which time he had come back to join us with a couple of friends in tow, including a very cute girl with a pretty round face and dimples, shy of her braces and circling her long black hair around her fingers nervously, I’d seen her before but she was much thinner then, I think she’s winning her fight with food and seems to be gaining weight. My son even offered her a macaron and she took it and ate it… did I mention that 6 of them fell into my bag accidentally while I was having a sample? Darned see breeze 😛

On the way home starving growing protein hungry teenage son needed chicken so I let him have a rotisserie chicken and salad to take home and I just feasted on some delicious cold fruits before I had a lovely shower and washed away the sand and heat of the day.

My friend stuck around for a movie and another friend of mine came over too with a bottle of wine and I helped her drink it, just a small glass but it was crisp and cold and delicious (she’d been at the market too). Italian… it was Italian wine, can’t remember what it was but very refreshing with a wonderfully clean taste. I toasted some pitta bread wedges and laid out some more fruit and cheese and had an over indulgence in the blue stuff but boy was it delicious. When I say over indulgence it was a mere fraction of what I would have consumed this time last year.

Finally I have seen Lincoln… Daniel Day Lewis… I’ve loved everything he’s done and this was no exception.

What a lovely day… sometimes the best days are to be found right on our doorstep with the people we love the most doing the simplest of things.


4 thoughts on “Continental Market”

  1. I loved so much in this it would take too long to comment on everything! Life is wonderful, you are wonderful, and I loved the idea of you swanning around in your pink flip flops, tote bag and sunnies in one of Dannii’s frocks and thinking of Bondi blokes – just how Australian can you get! 🙂


  2. Sounds like a beautiful day out 🙂 And for your info, the clog Crocs are considered very daggy in Australia, but a lot of people wear them anywhere because they don’t give a stuff, a very Australian characteristic! And you’re more than welcome to be an honorary Aussie!


    1. Oh thank you 😀 You know it’s strange that I was never fascinated by Australia, I’ve visited so many places and I just never thought of it as a must see place. Then my daughter developed a deep desire to visit and we started to look and see where she might go and how and when and my interest was awakened. Then I had some friends relocate to Canberra from the States and they kept a fascinating blog of their life there and my interested was further awakened and then another friend of mine from years ago got in touch through Facebook (we were good friends when we were young in London, she was from New Zealand) she now lives in Mildura and I really would love to visit her, there’s no chance of her coming over here due to health issues but I did get the wonderful pleasure of hosting her son last year for a month while he explored the UK. So now I really would love to visit and one of the inspirations/motivations for me losing weight was so that I felt fit enough to make the trip some day. My daughter still hasn’t managed to make her trip, things kept popping up but she’s pressing me for a commitment to go with her next December. We’ve done New York and London on New Year’s Eve and she really wants us to add Sydney to the list. Every pound that comes off the more of a likelihood it becomes.


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