True ?


5 thoughts on “True ?”

  1. Don’t know if I can agree with that one, inasmuch as I don’t know what is meant by ‘the health industry’. If it means the international corporations that manufacture vitamins and things, then I definitely agree !!!


    1. Yes that’s what I thought. At first glance I thought I agreed then I thought… hmmm. The health industry? What is it? And indeed what is the food industry? There are good elements of the health industry and good elements of the food industry… the part of the health industry that tells us eat Spinach it’s good for you leads us to the food industry that grows healthy organic spinach or it could be considered that the food industry also encourages us to grow our own Spinach under healthy conditions. This is why I put the question mark, hoping for some comment and debate around choices and interpretations and around what we expose ourselves to and what we believe. I do some faddish things, like my morning routine of boiled water and lemon, washing down fresh garlic and then knocking back a shot of turmeric laden kefir… I do it because I read it will do me good and I feel it does me good but I’m aware that I may just have not come across anything which tells me it’s bad yet or I may have read something that was unsupported by evidence but it looked glossy and I took it at face value. I am ever sceptical and sometimes as I line up my morning routine I laugh at myself for being such a twit but knock it back anyway.

      We’re subject to so many influences how the devil are we to know which are right or wrong? I do try to offer both sides of a story when I share articles on my ingredients or practices and am open to debate and further information from anywhere. But we’re terribly selective we humans, if I really listened to everything I hear and absorbed what I read I would be a vegetarian for sure but I chose to ignore the bits I don’t fancy.

      I think there’s a lot to be said about the power to choose, I know some people can’t afford to eat healthy although I would argue that I manage to do it on quite a tight budget… because my starving mountain of a son costs so darned much to keep stuffed full of protein and I’m trying to make sure it’s good stuff so aside from the odd slip into a rotisserie chicken he is being packed with organic mail ordered meats from the Scottish wilds… or is that where they are coming from?


  2. None of my doctors have ever talked to me about food, or my weight, or my lifestyle. If I bring up exercise, then it’s “oh, good for you.” (My doctor now is overweight, probably obese.) This is discouraging to see. So many health issues can be avoided by having a healthy lifestyle! We know this by now, but our physicians should be encouraging it. As for the food industry, yes, their goal is to make money and they don’t care about our health- at least in the US. I don’t know, but I think Europe has better standards for food and healthier offerings.


    1. When I was last in the States I was amazed at how cheap food is including fruit and vegetables, but then I guess I was working it out on a favourable pound to dollar exchange rate, maybe it doesn’t seem so cheap when you’re paid in dollars. I think perhaps we have strict standards in the UK or at least we think we do, on most things, the gov does respond quite well to pressure at times when it comes to labeling and information but there is still a way to go.

      I do see a bit of an upswing in prevention rather than cure for illness and lots of initiatives to eat healthy and exercise but how far they influence people in real terms I don’t know. I think young people are more body conscious and slimmer now and they appear to work out more but I’m not sure it’s for health rather than aesthetics. It’s not unusual to see a crowd outside of the gym smoking cigarettes or piling into a bar and getting slaughtered on alcohol afterwards.

      I think the prevention over cure has to become more of an agenda to relieve pressures on the NHS so perhaps money is still the driver rather than well being of population.


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