And Then Like My Dreams

I passed a milestone this last week 200 posts and as I saw the notification I thought I’d have a look at the stats and see what had been my most read post. I don’t really do stats, I write for me and for anyone who might be inspired or interested or who is just so bored they have nothing better to do than read the ramblings of a middle aged fat British chick.

So this was my most read post and as such it’s getting a reblog on the premise that it interested so many people before and maybe there are more who it might interest who didn’t catch it first time around.

I’m delighted that my most read post wasn’t even a post derived from my own grey matter if you like, but was prompted by the reading of a book by a blogger I follow and it warms my heart to see blogging community spirit at its best.


Breaking The Yo-Yo

One amazing thing which has come from this little (now extended) break has been an opportunity to read my fellow blogger M-R’s ( book And Then Like My Dreams (

pres4I’m still feeling the pull in my chest from sobbing but I wanted to write a review now, I didn’t want to wait until morning.

“When I read I like to give the author my undivided attention, I like to immerse myself in the world that has been created and if that means holding back on something I’m eager to feast upon then so be it, the rewards are immense… if only I could be so disciplined when it comes to food.

If ever I was justified in waiting for the right moment it was when I resisted the temptation to dip just one toe into the life of Charles ‘Chic’ Stringer (The Stillsman) and his simply…

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5 thoughts on “And Then Like My Dreams”

  1. Can scarcely fail to like this one, eh …? [grin] In truth, it’s exceedingly good-natured of you to re-blog your wonderful review: and don’t forget that it was the way you expressed yourself, with such out-and-out enthusiasm, that got the review read. People can write reviews that don’t get a single like, you know !!! – take the credit, do !!!


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