Cold drink cravings

It was so hot here yesterday, it has been for a while now… I know hot summers in the UK are something of a myth but they do actually happen. This is two or maybe three in a row now and we also had an exceptionally mild winter 2013/14… I can get used to this Mediterranean climate for sure and my plants are simply loving it.

We didn’t stay out long on our ma and son wander, I didn’t realise until about 2pm that I hadn’t slept the night before… my nocturnal habits are not waning… I just don’t feel tired much these days. I think I’m so full of goodness and so pumped on my exercise that sleep isn’t required to repair my body at the moment. Naps seem to do the trick.

I’m like a new born, I eat every 4 hours and take long naps and have yet to find a routine.

The heat and the lunch and the walking and the lack of sleep all put paid to my efforts to spend a whole day on the move and I didn’t want to let my son down so tried to soldier on. Eventually I told him I needed a slush to cure my unquenchable thirst and as we sat drinking them I admitted I was feeling like I needed to head home for a while.

I’ve never seen anyone so pleased, turned out he’d had friends texting him all morning with all manner of teenage boy activities on offer and he’d been kindly turning down requests for his company so he could be with me… awwwwww, he really is an angel, if ever he falls from grace it will be one almighty clatter.

So I dropped him off at the park to meet his mates and came home and put my feet up and the unquenchable thirst struck again.

I finally conquered it though… a delicious concoction of frozen berries and cherries thrown into the smoothie maker with some icy cranberry juice! Yummmmmy and super thirst busting at last! Look gross tastes delish and so much more refreshing than the slush I had out.

2014-07-22 15.19.57



7 thoughts on “Cold drink cravings”

  1. Sighh … I can scarcely remember what heat’s like. 😐 AND I know I’ll say the reverse when we get to December (if not before, these days). Ain’t it great you’re feeling so full of bullets ?!


    1. It is totally fabulous to feel like this again. It’s all coming together, I’m finding me, but an even better version, I’m happy, like free from angst, like I’m on some pills that took everything away. It’s all in the head for sure.

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      1. It is, but also partially caused my endorphins and stuff, of course. As your body changes so it does things to your brain. No ? – no. It works the other way ’round, doesn’t it ?
        I am confusing myself !!!


        1. I think I’m just feeling better and healthier so my brain’s happier, I feel optimistic, I’d started thinking I only had death to look forward to and that is not good for a mid forties gal, and the increased exercise releases endorphins and I eat ‘brain food’ lots of herbs are good tonics for the brain and my fermented foods are still a feature and they’re supposed to do the same so I think it’s a concoction of things. Even missing my daughter has the rough edges knocked off it and I just look forward to the biggest hug ever when I see her again instead of hating not having her here.

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          1. That’s it, M ! – that’s learning to turn grief into something positive. I had to learn over many years how to be able to look back and derive pleasure rather than pain; and after all, your daughter’s departure is real grief for you.


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