Hip Hop Abs

So it arrived, my Hip Hop Abs DVD collection with all manner of other paraphernalia, a diet plan and some other stuff shown in the pic below. It cost me just under twenty GB pounds. If you’re interested it’s available via the website following this here link: Hip Hop Abs


Now I’m under no illusion that my abs will be visible for a long time, they are comfortably nestled under a thick duvet of fat right now but I wanted to do something lively and fun that I could build up and this is all over late night TV so I became suitably brainwashed into trying it.

To be honest, if you’re going to look at someone who’s going to make you sweat and get you thinner and fitter it may as well be Shaun T… the professional dancer and inventor (I think) of the Insanity Workout aka by fatties like me ‘Instant Death’. Shaun is easy on the eye and I want to make him happy 😛

So me and the boy and a friend of mine who fancied giving Shaun a whirl set to this afternoon and had an hour with him.

We were Tilt Tuck and Tightening away like pros within seconds. We did the 13 minute Secret to Flat Abs work out and then we were hungry for more so we added in the 45 minute Total Body Burn workout.  Now please, when I say ‘we did’ do not take me at face value on that… we tried to do would be more realistic a description.  No hang on, you want the most realistic description of what we did and that would be we wobbled about giggling for an hour.

What fun! We did better than we thought we would, we have a goal now to actually do all of the moves as demonstrated by Shaun T and his army of Tilt Tuck and Tighteners and improve the quality of our performance. That’s what it’s all about.. having a starting point and setting goals, aspiring to improve, reaching the goal and then setting another one.

My son of course just blasted through the whole thing but he was distracted a couple of times by my technique and when my friend’s lycra leggings which she’d spent ten minutes squeezing into suddenly gave way and rolled down from the waist to under her fat arse with the speed of a retracting tape measure. Thank the Lord she was wearing huge knickers underneath, if the legging retreat had revealed her cellulite riddled buttocks chomping on a thong my boy would have been scarred for life… as if he isn’t already from living with me.

(I’m not being nasty about my friend by the way, we’re old enough to be able to accept apt and fair descriptions of our bodies… as long as we’re the ones making them)

Look… at the end of the day the key question is,  was our exercise session with Shaun T a success? You can bet it was, we were sweating, breathing hard, our heart rates were up, our abs are very sore (we felt the burn alright!), we laughed and most importantly we made a start… we began, we put a foot on a path to something better, something positive and towards achieving another goal. So we didn’t do it perfectly as prescribed, there were times when our attempts were not as energetic as those efforts made by Shaun and co but we kept on moving and we have room for improvement and we’ve set a benchmark.

It was worth 20 quid even if we never do it again, but we will do it again because it was fun. Try it or something like it, you might like it!


8 thoughts on “Hip Hop Abs”

  1. Can’t see myself doing this in the loungeroom with Lui Stringer looking at me wide-eyed and ready to flee … Alas,M – the lousy lower back isn’t going to let me do anything like this, in truth.


  2. I just wanted to keep pressing that like button again and again! Your description is so vivid, I almost heard the leggings give way.

    I went to the website and I’m promised this is no ‘mama’s aerobic video’ (think Jane Fonda) and looking at Shaun and the absence of sit-ups, it sure isn’t! The idea isn’t really to keep up, at first, but to do each exercise well. And the measuring tape is your friend and will show change more than the scales later on. Anyway, it sounds like a lot of fun ahead.


    1. We just did a morning session to get us going today as we have a big gardening project to do so we wanted to boost energy levels… it was fun and we managed to do just what you said work more on getting the techniques right than keeping up the pace. So where Shaun T does 8 reps we were maybe only managing 4 (sometimes 2) but we were doing them better than yesterday… sometimes not as good as we should be but we will eventually be able to do it all.

      I remember years ago buying a Tae Bo DVD and I was exhausted after the warm up and thought I would never be able to do it and by week 4 of doing it 3 times a week I was doing it just as I was supposed to. I do believe our bodies, unless sick or overly damaged, thank us for putting them to some use.


  3. There’s definitely a hole in my brain, as I did not tell you what I wanted to when I commented earlier! I have been looking for a video workout to suit me for a about a year. I needed something quick (40 mins per workout max), energetic, that would combine cardio and strength exercises to loose weight. After trial and error, I landed with Jillian Michaels “30 Day Shred” and “Ripped in 30”. I did the 30 Day Shred and even though I was not as “ripped” as I had hoped for (blame it on late night cakes!), I enjoyed the workouts immensely! I am on week 2 of the Ripped in 30 now, and though I do not follow Jillian’s meal plan and quite literally eat what I want, I love these workouts and even do them twice a day! Another good thing is that there are free videos of the first weeks of workouts in youtube, so you can try and see if it works for you.


    1. Thank you I’ll have a look. I look forward to the day when I can think about being ripped or shredded haha… I imagine it’s happening under my fat and one day the fat will disappear and underneath will be the toned lean ripped body of a goddess haha.


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