Breakfast Like a King

I remember once being told Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince and Dinner Like a Pauper. Make your breakfast the most substantial meal of the day and lessen portions as the day progresses… turn everything you knew on its head basically.

I used to struggle with breakfast but I’m good at making it happen nowadays and quite enjoy eating in the morning, today we breakfasted like kings for sure!

My son and I both woke up starving… we blame Shaun T. We had the following:

Porridge with prunes.. we made a lovely stodgy porridge using skimmed milk and we dropped some kefir in there too and then we laced it with delicious dried prunes which we’d popped into a pan with some filtered water and a squirt of honey and warmed through, this created fab juicy prunes and some delicious sweet juice to drizzle on our porridge which we added a tablespoon of milled flax seed to.

Turkey slices, totally fat free lean rashers grilled along with a huge tomato each, cut in half and a huge open cup mushroom, served with two scrambled eggs each and a couple of tablespoons of baked beans in sugar free sauce. We very lightly drizzled the mushroom in olive oil before grilling. We each had a half slice of wholemeal granary bread toasted with a very light smear of butter.

A mixed fruit salad of galia melon, honey dew melon, red and green grapes, sliced kiwi fruit, black berries, blue berries, chopped strawberries, raspberries, sliced orange and Granny Smith apple and  a conference pear. We topped that off with some natural fat and sugar free fromage frais with a drizzle of honey

We drank lemon water and raspberry infused Kombucha and I had an organic white tea.

We ate out in the garden in the sunshine and we took our time and had a good chat and it was a lovely way to start the day.

A great start to the day.

Lunch time we had a picnic because… wait for this … we went for a bike ride! Me, back on my bike! It was awesome. We didn’t go far, a couple of miles or so each way to the country park where we walked around for a while, had a bit of a mess around on the outdoor gym equipment (there was nobody there which helped) and then we sat in the sun and ate our picnic of pitta bread pockets filled with tuna and tiny cubes of celery, cucumber green pepper and beetroot and a pot of fresh strawberries. My son had half a roast chicken too. We managed to drink a litre of water each on the trip which we needed, it was hot today and biking for the first time in years really wasn’t so easy, I broke a good sweat.

For dinner we weren’t feeling very hungry so we had a nice refreshing smoothie and I had a cracker with cottage cheese and sliced beetroot while my son opted to wait a while before eating the other half of the roast chicken with a nice mixed leaf salad.

We’re just waiting now for my friend to come over to have another Shaun T session with Hip Hop Abs… it’s so hot, this is going to be a tough one 🙂


4 thoughts on “Breakfast Like a King”

  1. You are SO MUCH YOUNGER than I, M – I couldn’t get that food into me at breakfast if you paid me to do it. Alas ! Stringer and I used to love big brekkies – a very long time ago … But I must say it sounds yummy.


  2. I’m not surprised you didn’t feel like a big meal at the end of the day – it all sounded scrumptious and wickedly healthy. And a bike ride too. One diet tip I found handy is not to eat starchy carbohydrates after 3pm -stuff like bread, pasta, potatoes. I don’t follow it these days but I know it works. 🙂 I’m having porridge every morning, just with skim milk though. Must get some prunes today, great idea.


    1. I’ll pay heed to that advice about carbs before bed. I love prunes and can eat them dried like sweets but my son wouldn’t touch them, when I warmed them up and softened them and they made a nice syrup with the honey he suddenly thought they were delicious… which they were.


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